Outlander season 6: Marsali Fraser ‘completely isolated’ as she’s abandoned by Fergus?

Outlander season 6: Marsali Fraser ‘completely isolated’ as she’s abandoned by Fergus?

March 10, 2022

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Starz’s internationally successful fantasy drama returned after nearly two years away from screens with a stirring premiere episode titled Echoes. Now another season of Outlander has officially gotten started, the cast have revealed some more details about what viewers can expect from the darkest chapter of the Frasers’ story so far.

Marsali (played by Lauren Lyle) and Fergus (César Domboy) could be completely separated by the end of the current season of Outlander.

In episode one of season six, viewers discovered their marriage was on the rocks due to Fergus’s drinking and immature behaviour.

Despite becoming one of the most cherished couples of the series, their brief yet devastating scenes together could be hinting at worse to come.

Before fans get their hands on the next seven episodes, series regular Lauren has opened up about what the latest hurdle in their relationship could mean for Marsali.

“[She] is completely isolated,” the actress revealed. “She has no one at this point.

“This little unit that they’ve always had, and this little, cool, fun, young couple that don’t fight? That doesn’t exist in this moment.”

While Marsali and Fergus have mostly remained side characters throughout the series, fans will no doubt be crushed to see their seemingly perfect romance fall into tatters in season six.

Lauren explained the opening episode catches up with the couple at the lowest point in their relationship so far.

She explained: “You meet them at that point, and you meet her at the end of her tether.

“Marsali’s never been at the end of her tether, the tether doesn’t exist.

“She comes from a place and a time where it can’t. And all of a sudden, it has to, and she’s sort of lost and stuck.”

Tragically, Marsali’s place in history means she has never had to learn how to stand up against poor treatment from a neglectful or abusive partner.

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Worse still, Marsali is currently heavily pregnant with their third child, meaning she has her hands full enough without Fergus causing trouble.

Unfortunately, not wanting to appear weak, Marsali looks set to endure her husband’s behaviour for much longer.

Lauren continued to ET Online: “It’s a strange thing to watch her husband, this person that she’s jumped on a boat for, for love, suddenly in this adult space of, ‘Yeah, we can’t just love each other and be silly little teenagers anymore.

“We have to choose to stay and choose to work on this marriage in a way that we can support each other.’ Because there’s no other choice.”

While fans will be hoping Fergus will see the error of his ways and support Marsali through the next turbulent time in history, Lauren’s comments hint it could be the end of their fairytale romance – particularly as Fergus is not keen to open up on his own problems.

French star Cesar remarked: “Fergus is such a man of his time that he puts all the guilt on himself, on the things he should have done that he didn’t do and lacked.

“And I think thanks to Marsali, the family is still functioning because of her, because Fergus is really helpless.”

How much longer can Marsali put up with her husband’s lack of interest and can they save their marriage?

Outlander season 6 continues Sundays on Starz in the USA and StarzPlay in the UK.

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