Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen's kids reveal the one subject that's completely off limits with mum

Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen's kids reveal the one subject that's completely off limits with mum

August 4, 2021

AMANDA Owen's children have revealed the one topic that's off limits to discuss with their mum on Our Yorkshire Farm.

The shepherdess may be known for mating and breeding sheep on Ravenseat Farm, but her big brood hate discussing it in detail.

Star of the Channel 4 show Amanda, 46, is always happy to speak openly about how their large flock is extended and her involvement in it.

But her children have admitted they feel it's "embarrassing" to talk about how a happy ram can help their sheep numbers grow.

In an old episode of the show, Amanda shears some of her sheep with daughter Edith – explaining the coat cutting helps with the mating process.

The shepherdess told her 12-year-old: "Can you see now that when the pup wants to mate with her, it can get to her bits easily."

"I find it embarrassing, I'm not talking about it," Edith quipped back, quick to shut down her mum.

Violet, ten, who was also watching on was also not keen to go into the ins and outs of sheep reproduction with expert Amanda.

Dad Clive, 66, however, wasn't fazed – chiming in: "I'm not the slightest bit worried about it, not at all. I could talk about it all day long."

The narrator of the episode revealed that while sheep mating can be tricky, it's something that the father-of-nine has "plenty of experience in".

"It's good to see them work. It's good to see everything's working as it should be," Clive said, watching on as the ram went from ewe to ewe.

"Some are better at it than others. I suppose that applies to all species."

Turning to the cameras to reassure the audience of his close eye on the process, he explained it was very "important" for their business.

"This is important stuff to us and we need to know that he's doing what he is supposed to do," Clive explained of the expensive ram.

"Once we know everything is working right, that he's getting to be where he needs to be, we'll relax a bit when he's marked one and he has mated."

Later in the episode, Amanda revealed that she was keen for her children to learn about sex and reproduction, even from an early age.

"They're getting their birds and the bees talk but it's happening right in front of them," she said of the sheep mating on camera.

The shepherdess added: "It is what it is, I suppose. All I really want is for my children to be happy and my animals to be happy. Anything else is a bonus. I’m just doing my thing."

It's not all plain sailing when it comes to keeping the sheep in check, however, as earlier this week Amanda showed off her bruised face.

The Channel 4 star got the nasty black eye after being "head butted by a sheep" while "in the line of duty" shearing them.

On Sunday, she shared a video of her sheering a sheep before showing the aftermath of a big bruise on her face.

Amanda runs the farm with her husband Clive Owen, with the pair sharing nine children together.

Those kids are Raven, 20, Reuben, 17, Miles, 15, Edith, 12, Violet, 10, Sidney, 9, Annas, 7, Clemmie, 5, and Nancy, 4.

The 46-year-old recently revealed how she keeps her big family "unaffected" by fame.

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