Ollie Locke opens up about his abnormal sperm ahead of C4’s Save Our Sperm

Ollie Locke opens up about his abnormal sperm ahead of C4’s Save Our Sperm

July 7, 2023

Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke has opened up about his fertility struggle, revealing tests showed two out three of his sperm was abnormal. Male fertility rates have halved since the 1970s, with the Made In Chelsea star going through several years of unsuccessful IVF treatment with his husband and a surrogate mother.

Ollie is appearing in a new Channel 4 documentary called Save Our Sperm alongside Russell Kane and Melvin Odoom as they unite to increase their sperm counts in just 10 weeks and educate people on male infertility.

‘’We were in a position to show men across the country that it’s not just females that struggle with fertility, but men and their lifestyles are very much a part of the struggles of miscarriage and fertility,’’ Ollie said about his appearance on the Channel 4 show.

Save Our Sperm sees the trio go through education and experiments over an 8 week period, with Ollie, 36, revealing that microwaving takeaway food in plastic containers and drinking from plastic water bottles can reduce sperm quality.

‘’Micro plastics are a huge problem in our age that is potentially the biggest problem we have towards sperm reduction and genetic defects.’’

Ollie, 36, and his partner Gareth, 34, revealed in February that they are expecting twins after years of trying, and he has advice for anyone struggling to conceive.

‘’Get tested, if you or your partner have been trying for some time unsuccessfully, BOTH go and get checked. Sperm abnormalities are really common, and men have historically blamed women. In most cases it’s really simple to change your lifestyle, and in three months your sperm should be in great health.’’

The pair announced they were expecting twins after filming the show, and Ollie believes that without the expertise he learnt on it they wouldn’t be about to become parents.

‘’When they tested my sperm two out of the three were abnormal. It was only the next week we were making our embryos that have now become our babies. Had we not been given a piece of specialist advice on a way to find the best sperm for fertilisation, this may well not have worked this time.

‘’I am forever grateful and proud of making this show and hopefully help others to creating the family they desperately want and deserve.’’

Save Our Sperm airs on Channel 4 on Thursday, July 14 at 10 pm.

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