Nine huge EastEnders spoilers for next week including Ben’s plan to set up Danny and Chantelle’s tragic end

Nine huge EastEnders spoilers for next week including Ben’s plan to set up Danny and Chantelle’s tragic end

September 10, 2020

CHANTELLE Atkins will meet a heartbreaking end next week in EastEnders after her plan to escape abusive husband Gray goes disastrously wrong. 

Here’s the lowdown on Chantelle’s tragic death as well as everything else that’s happening next week on the BBC One soap…

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1. Chantelle plans her escape

It's the moment fans have finally been waiting for – next week's episodes of EastEnders will see Chantelle decide to leave Gray and pack her suitcase under the pretence that she’s going on a family holiday.

When Gray opens the door to the Taylor family dressed for a holiday, he’s shocked that Chantelle didn’t tell him about the trip but eventually agrees to let her go.

Later, Chantelle visits Kheerat and tells him about her plans to never return. 

2. Gray grows suspicious

Meanwhile, a string of events make Gray suspicious of Chantelle’s motives. 

And she’s horrified when she returns home and learns that Gray has persuaded her parents to keep the kids at home with him – instead of on holiday with Chantelle.

Gutted that her plan to escape with the kids has been ruined, Chantelle spends the holiday moping around.

3. Mitch tries to save the day

When Mitch notices that Chantelle is looking down, he asks her what's up and she tells him that she’s missing Mia and Mack. 

Chantelle is delighted when Mitch heads off back to Walford to collect the kids and bring them on the holiday.

4. Chantelle says goodbye to Kheerat

Chantelle phones Kheerat to say her final goodbye but, judging from the spoiler pic above, Gray arrives just in time and earwigs on her conversation.

Later, Chantelle heads out to meet Mitch and the kids. 

But she’s horrified to realise that Gray has accompanied Mitch upon his return. 

5. Max demands his money back 

Max is thrilled to discover that his divorce from Rainie has finally come through after going to great lengths to make sure she didn't get her hands on his money – and by signing his half of the restaurant over to Ian.

He heads over to thank Ian for helping him out and tells him to keep £2,000 of what he owes him – but that he needs the rest of the money back now that Ian sneakily used to buy the Queen Vic.

But when Kathy overhear Max talking about how he’ll get the money back, she warns Max that Ian doesn’t need any extra stress right now – and piques his suspicions.

6. Max threatens Ian

Later, Ian prepares for his meeting with Councillor Douglas to try and gain his support to become the Chair of the Planning Committee.

But during the meeting at Walford East later, it all kicks off as Max storms in and accuses Ian of stealing his money, before announcing that he wants it back.

Will Ian do as he’s told or is he about to make another enemy?

7. Ben hatches a plan 

With Callum having told him that Danny Hardcastle is the police’s new target, Ben heads to find Phil to ask for his advice about the situation. 

Will Phil be down to exact revenge against the gangster?

Later, Ben and Callum get ready for Stuart’s stag do and Ben tells him what he’s decided to do about Danny. 

But what exactly is he planning?

8. Callum is under suspicion 

As they head to the stag do, Callum asks Ben if the offer to live together is still on the table, but their good moods are short-lived as they’re rudely interrupted. 

Later, it all kicks off as DI Thompson quizzes Callum about his relationship with a Mitchell. 

Will Callum be forced to choose between Ben and his career?

9. Chantelle meets a tragic end

To make matters worse for Chantelle, Gray doesn’t waste long following his arrival to insist that he, Chantelle and the kids head back to Walford. 

When Chantelle and Gray arrive back in Walford, Chantelle eventually blurts out that she’s leaving him.

EastEnders have revealed that, after bravely attempting to escape from Gray, Chantelle will be killed by her abuser.

But the soap are keeping shtum about plot details, and viewers will have to tune in to see the heartbreaking scenes.

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