New Winter TV Shows Ranked by Premiere Viewers

New Winter TV Shows Ranked by Premiere Viewers

March 27, 2021

“The Masked Dancer” doesn’t even make the Top 5, but “Young Rock” does

Is it cold in here, or is it just the “Cherries Wild” TV ratings? TheWrap has ranked the Big 4 broadcast networks’ (CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC) new series by the viewership for their winter 2020-21 debut episodes.Scroll through the gallery to see how all 18 rank.Also Read: 2021-22 TV Season: Every Broadcast Show Canceled, Renewed and Ordered – So Far (Updating)

Rank: 18  •   Show:  “Cherries Wild”   •   Net: Fox   •   Total Viewers: 1.111 million   •  This Pepsi-produced game show had a flat debut.

Rank: 17  •   Show:  “Holmes Family Effect”   •   Net: Fox   •   Total Viewers: 1.230 million   •  Imported CTV show did not have a positive effect on Fox’s ratings.

Rank: 16  •   Show:  “The Hustler”   •   Net: ABC   •   Total Viewers: 1.993 million   •  Hustlin’ skills will need to improve if this show wants to get away from the bottom of the Nielsen chart.

Rank: 15   •   Show:  “America’s Most Wanted”   •   Net: Fox   •   Total Viewers: 2.200 million   •  Apparently, America didn’t especially want this show back.

Rank: 14   •   Show:  “The Great North”   •   Net: Fox   •   Total Viewers: 2.275 million   •   Way too far south on this list to be great.  

Rank: 13   •   Show:  “Name That Tune”   •   Net: Fox   •   Total Viewers: 3.036 million   •   It ain’t the old days of TV ratings, but this’ll do. (Especially for Fox.)

Rank:  12 •   Show:  “Game of Talents”   •   Net: Fox  •   Total Viewers: 3.096 million   •   Slightly more talented than…

Rank: 11   •   Show:  “Call Your Mother”   •   Net: ABC   •   Total Viewers: 3.227 million   •  A premiere audience that not only a mother could love.

Rank: 10   •   Show:  “Clarice”   •   Net: CBS   •   Total Viewers: 3.960 million   •  “Silence of the Lambs” sequel series “Clarice” was not very silent in its debut, drawing 4 million viewers and topping its 10 p.m. time slot. 

Rank: 9   •   Show:  “Kenan”   •   Net: NBC   •   Total Viewers: 4.071 million   •   The lead-out for “Young Rock” didn’t have quite as strong a debut as its lead-in, but “SNL” staple Kenan Thompson still drew a decent crowd.

Rank: 8   •   Show:  “The Masked Dancer”   •   Net: Fox   •   Total Viewers: 4.123 million   •   Doing its parent series, “The Masked Singer,” semi-proud with a strong-enough debut audience, which came on the heels of an NFL doubleheader.

Rank: 7   •   Show:  “Debris”   •   Net: NBC   •   Total Viewers: 4.360 million   •  Not garbage.

Rank: 6   •   Show:  “Mr. Mayor”   •   Net: NBC   •   Total Viewers: 4.917 million   •   Cheers to Ted Danson.

Rank: 5   •   Show:  “Young Rock”   •   Net: NBC   •   Total Viewers: 5.034 million   •   “Young Rock” was NBC’s most-watched sitcom debut since 2017. Congrats, Dwayne.

Rank: 4   •   Show:  “Call Me Kat”   •   Net: Fox   •   Total Viewers: 5.372 million   •   Mayim Bialik’s new sitcom lapped up a whole bunch of viewers — for a comedy, especially for a Fox comedy — but it also followed a good NFL game.

Rank: 3   •   Show:  “The Chase”   •   Net: ABC   •   Total Viewers: 6.203 million   •   Just chasing “The Equalizer” (with a big asterisk) and “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” — for now.

Rank: 2  •   Show:  “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune”   •   Net: ABC   •   Total Viewers: 7.831 million   •   NOT bankrupt.

Rank: 1   •   Show:  “The Equalizer”   •   Net: CBS   •   Total Viewers: 20.4 million   •  Immediately following Super Bowl LV, “The Equalizer” bowed to what appears to be a whopper of an audience. But in context, the Queen Latifah drama drew the third-smallest audience ever for a show that had the Super Bowl as its lead-in.
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