New ‘The Young And The Restless’ Showrunners Revealed After Mal Young’s Departure

New ‘The Young And The Restless’ Showrunners Revealed After Mal Young’s Departure

December 19, 2018

Huge The Young and the Restless news revealed earlier today that Y&R executive producer and head writer, Mal Young, is out at the show.

Inquisitr reported that fans were thrilled with the news of Young’s ouster. Now, Daytime Confidential revealed who will take over the positions that Young vacated. Both Anthony “Tony” Morina and Josh Griffith will be the become the new showrunners of daytime’s number one soap opera.

Since 2004, Morina has been with the show, and now he will take the reigns as executive producer. He’s married to previous head writer Sally Sussman. Meanwhile, Griffith will return to the head writer position. From 2006 to 2008, Griffith executive produced the show, and in both 2007-2008 and 2012-2013, he served as the head writer.

Fans hope that the shakeup at Y&R will stop the mass exodus that characterized 2018. Doug Davidson (Paul), Eileen Davidson (Ashley), Greg Rikaart (Kevin), Mishael Morgan (Hilary), Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) exited the show this year, and fans do not appreciate seeing so many beloved characters off the canvas. Of course, Hilary’s death means she may never return, but dying isn’t always forever in soapland.

Meanwhile, both Davidson and his co-star Eric Braeden (Victor) have spoken out many times about the show no longer including Paul in the show’s scripts with no sendoff whatsoever.

Braeden spoke out on Twitter as recently as yesterday about removing fan favorites and arbitrarily bringing in new characters and families with no previous connections to Genoa City. In response to Twitter users calling him out as a racist, The Mustache actor tweeted, “I have NEVER gone after ANY actor! THAT’s NOT THE POINT AT ALL!!! If they are unrelated characters and replace old fan favorite characters, THAT IS MY OBJECTION, GET IT??”

Braeden continued, “To those who are dying to start sh*t with me, go for it!! But don’t you dare accuse me of “racist” attitude when I have spent my lifetime going against that evil, looong before it was ‘politically correct!’I am, however, against arbitrary intros of characters!!”

For now, fans are hailing the shakeup at Y&R as a Christmas miracle, and they look forward to what the top views sudser on TV offers in 2019 after the disaster of 2018, which included not only a slew of departures but also hole-filled plots and storylines that rewrote history on the beloved soap opera. Perhaps this new change will right the ship and help ensure that the show remains in daytime’s top-rated spot.

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