‘Never forgive him for this!’ James Martin’s co-star fumes after being ‘stitched up’

‘Never forgive him for this!’ James Martin’s co-star fumes after being ‘stitched up’

August 23, 2021

Paul Rankin takes to the skies on James Martin’s Islands to Highlands

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James Martin sampled the culinary delights of Northern Ireland on Monday night’s episode of Islands to Highlands. On the ITV show, he explored with friend and fellow chef Paul Rankin as the pair visited a wasabi farm. They also took a trip to Lough Neagh, where Paul went airborne in a microlight and James went eel fishing with some of the locals. However, Paul didn’t seem too pleased with his task.

James was keen to learn more about eel fishing in Northern Ireland and spoke to some local experts.

He raved to viewers about the benefits of cooking with eels, saying: “You’ve got to try them because the first time I tried smoked eel it was a taste revelation really.”

“The eels here are exported all over the world, they are that good,” the TV chef revealed.

He took a trip out on Lough Neagh with father and son fisherman duo Jerry and Daniel.

However, James made his co-star Paul use a different mode of transport to check out the lough.

Paul nervously took a flight in a microlight, to get an aerial view of the water.

“Dear Lord, please keep me safe!” Paul exclaimed as the aircraft started its engines.

He told viewers: “So, James has stitched me up here completely. He’s off fishing on the lough. I love fishing and I would gladly do that.

“He’s sending me up in something called a microlight to get a different perspective of Lough Neagh.”

“Now basically, I’m afraid. I don’t want to do this,” he confessed.

Despite being fearful of the small aircraft, Paul bravely took off on his airborne tour of the lough.

Once he was up in the air, Paul looked down at the water and waved to James who was enjoying his guide around the area on a fishing boat.

“I wonder how Paul is getting on up there,” James remarked, pointing up to the sky.

“I can’t believe that he’s actually flying. When I told him about it he was a bit nervous.”

“In fact, I’m nervous for him to be honest with you,” James confessed.

After a brief flight over the lough, Paul returned safely to the ground and made it clear he was glad to be back.

“I think Paul is happy to be back on terra-firmer,” James remarked, as the microlight landed back down safely.

Paul let out a cheer when the aircraft touched down, remarking: “That’s very smooth.”

“Oh, I like that. We made it. We made it,” he commented.

However, Paul still didn’t seem too pleased that James had made him take to the skies.

“I will never forgive James Martin for this. Never!” Paul exclaimed as he climbed out of the microlight.

James Martin’s Islands To Highlands airs Mondays at 8pm on ITV.

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