Netflix fans ‘can’t sleep’ after watching horror Aftermath saying they’re ‘literally crying they’re so scared’ | The Sun

Netflix fans ‘can’t sleep’ after watching horror Aftermath saying they’re ‘literally crying they’re so scared’ | The Sun

March 15, 2023

NETFLIX fans have been left terrified by horror movie Aftermath – which even more creepily has been based on a true story.

First released in 2021, Twilight star Ashley Greene and Conviction's Shawn Ashmore star as married couple Natalie and Kevin Dadich, whose luck finally seems to be in as they find a dream home they can afford.

Only catch? A man murdered his wife in the house. But as Kevin is a crime scene cleaner, he already knew that. In fact, that's how he found the house in the first place.

Determined to make a fresh start, things take a turn as sinister things start happening around them.

As the story plays out, viewers have said watching the movie has left them unable to sleep as the terrifying events unfold.

Sharing a GIF of someone holding up a '10' padel, one fan wrote: "If you have Netflix & you’re looking for an interesting thriller film, watch Aftermath. I am pleasantly surprised with how suspenseful & utterly terrifying the film was.


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"Not to mention the entire time I thought it was one genre when it was a completely different genre."

"Aftermath on Netflix was terrifying, I almost knocked out the person I was watching it with because I jumped," said another.

"Aftermath on Netflix. Watch it. Except maybe not by yourself at night because now I can’t sleep," noted a third.

"Has anyone watched ‘Aftermath’ on Netflix?? Omg," said a fourth. "I’m sleeping with the lights on tonight!!"

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The film is even more terrifying when you take into account it is loosely based on the true story of Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter, who were mercilessly tormented after moving into their ideal San Diego home.

Among the differences, Janice was nine months pregnant at the time of the incident.

Their house was relisted for sale multiple times, posted ads for a New Year's Eve party, sent Valentine's Day cards to their married neighbours from Jerry to ostracise them from the community.

After she gave birth, Janice discovered she had been doxxed (her personal information leaked online) and ads had been placed online offering sex with her, telling them to 'just turn up at her house'.

In one case, one of the men turned up under the illusion he had arranged a "rape fantasy" role-play scenario with her, only to be met with Jerry who kicked him out and called the police.

Thankfully the story had some justice – as their stalker was discovered as another potential buyer of the house, who they outbid.

Kathy Rowe, 53, wanted the home for her husband and disabled daughter, and pleaded guilty to felony stalking after what she did.

She was sentenced to a year of home electronic surveillance, five years of probation, and a restraining order to keep away from the couple for 10 years.

In an interview with ABC's 20/20, Rowe insisted she "never meant to harm the couple", saying at the time it was occurring: "I thought it was funny, I didn't see it as suffering."

She says she lashed out amid sleep deprivation and adjustment disorder, and the stress of looking after her daughter and husband, who had stage four cancer,.

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Rowe referred to what she did as a "pressure relief valve" for her stress, but didn't realise the terror she was really doing.

As for the film? Well… you're going to have to watch and find out if they get a similar happy ending.

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