Nene Leakes slams Wendy Williams for revealing ‘private’ text about her quitting RHOA live on TV – The Sun

Nene Leakes slams Wendy Williams for revealing ‘private’ text about her quitting RHOA live on TV – The Sun

January 22, 2020

REAL Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes slammed "friend" Wendy Williams for revealing a personal text about her reportedly quitting the show.

The daytime host told her audience yesterday that Nene was leaving RHOA, claiming that the OG Housewife of Atlanta had told her the news herself.

The OG Housewife of Atlanta took to Twitter this morning to express her anger towards the daytime host.

She wrote: "Private conversations should be left in private! What are girlfriends for if you can’t vent to them on those type of days."

The two women had recently made up after feuding for years over a series of tweets.

Back in 2013, Nene accused Wendy of lying, spewing hate, and spreading gossip after she claimed that Nene had "defaced" a Birkin bag.

Nene held on to the grudge for years and claimed: "I’ve been on her show several times — all of a sudden she starts bashing me every single week.

"The one time I came back and let Wendell know that she was not going to be doing that — she all of a sudden starting having an issue with me and never spoke to or about me again, as far as I know."

The two, however, made up in the summer of 2019.

Nene also responded to the claims on Instagram. Along with a selfie, the reality TV star wrote: "WHO SAID DAT?! #SMH"

Her reps also commented, trying to maintain the situation under control.

They said: "It's been an especially difficult couple of weeks for Nene, and she was venting to her friend in private correspondence. Nothing has been confirmed or officially decided for next season."

During yesterday's The Wendy Williams Show, the daytime host was talking to actor Jerry O'Connell about the different dramas happening in the Real Housewives franchises when she revealed the shocking news of Nene's departure.

She told Jerry and her audience: "I looked at my phone in between commercials and Nene texts: 'I'm quitting' at 9:08 this morning."

The revelation was met with surprised gasps from the audience and a startled look from Jerry.

She continued: "I'm surprised I even got it because I have no service in my office. I have to say something but I'm not going to say a whole lot.

"I know something about Nene that will make you all cry, be sad and feel bad for her. She's carrying a huge weight on her shoulders."

Jack questioned if Nene's husband, Gregg, was okay and Wendy said that he was "cured" [from stage 3 colon cancer] and that she wasn't going to say anything more.

She addressed Nene directly: "You have a secret and it's a secret that's going to melt your heart. When she told me, I cried with her."

"I can't even tell you behind the scenes!", she told Jerry who kept pushing for her to share what Nene was going through.

And when asked if Nene was healthy, Wendy responded that everyone in her family was healthy, but that she wasn't going to be if she kept hiding her secret.

She continued: "Nene, you need that platform to explain, that's all."

A source close to the production team revealed on Thursday that the OG of the Atlanta housewives had been contemplating her future in the show.

The informant said: "Nene is really seriously contemplating more so than before if she’s going to be doing another season of Housewives.

"The show is really a job for her now and she doesn’t love it like she used to."

The source also talked about how she feels about the show these days.

They claimed: "She's in total work mode and she's just not sure if arguing with women she doesn’t like surrounding herself with other than for work purposes is worth the paycheck.

"She's thankful for what the show has done for her, but she’s unsure how much the stress is worth it. The fighting like that is just not something she wants to be a part of anymore."

Fans of the show will know that Nene and Kenya almost had two physical altercations while filming the show.

In one episode, the housewives had gotten together to expose the "snake" who had secretly recorded Cynthia Bailey talking about Nene behind her back.

But in an effort to explain her side of the situation to Cynthia, Kenya cut her off and yelled at Nene, which caused her to lunge at the 48-year-old.

The two women had to be held back by the rest of the cast and security escorted Kenya out of the room before Nene went after them.

But it's not just Kenya that Nene has had issues with. There's also Cynthia, who used to be her best friend.

The source also opened up about how Nene is dealing with being in a tense place with most of the girls in the show.

The informant claimed: "She's at a totally different place in her life now and this season was very different from her than seasons before due to certain relationships and the shifts they took."

In the last couple of episodes, Nene has tried to reach out to her ex-best friend but after the initial altercation, Cynthia said she wasn't going to trust Nene ever again.

The reality TV star has also taken on the role of caretaker for her husband, Gregg.

Back in May 2019, it had been revealed that Gregg had been diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, but was cancer-free by September.

And although the couple has definitely had its ups and downs, they seem to be in great terms at the moment.

Nene even gushed about her husband on social media for his birthday, she wrote: "Ain’t nothing like the love of a Leo man! My life would be empty without you in it Gregg!

You have taught me that pleasing everyone is impossible but pleasing you is a MUST," she wrote recently to celebrate Gregg on his birthday. "I LOVE YOU FOREVER."

Nene is considered as the "OG Housewife of Atlanta" and has been around since season one.

Before season 11 premiered, many wondered if Nene was coming back and although she has, she's maintained her distance from the other housewives.

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