‘NCIS’: What’s Going on with Bishop and Torres?

‘NCIS’: What’s Going on with Bishop and Torres?

November 13, 2019

During “NCIS”season 17, episode seven, we get another glimpse into Ellie Bishop and NickTorres’ relationship. Here’s why the latest development might have youscratching your head.

Nick and his new girlfriend take things to the next level

In the previous episode, Nick tells Ellie he’s dating a newwoman (Elena Devol, played by actress Lisa LoCicero). She’s older, and he sayshe thinks she’ll be good for him. In episode seven, Nick’s girlfriend decidesto introduce Torres to her son, Richard. Ellie remarks how this is a big stepin their relationship. However, once Nick meets Richard, things quickly startto go downhill.

Bishop and Torres go on a very awkward double date

After some flirting at the office, Bishop and Richard decide to go on a date. Unfortunately, Bishop and Torres end up going to the same restaurant with heir dates. Elena recommends they all sit together, and that’s when everything continues to unravel. To say things were awkward is an understatement. Bishop and Torres begin to bicker, while Elena and Richard look on. They put two and two together, realizing Torres and Bishop have a thing for each other.

This double date was too much of a coincidence. We’reguessing Richard found out ahead of time which restaurant Torres and Elenawould be eating at, and he invited Bishop to come along for a date. Richardprobably wasn’t a fan of Torres, so he was likely hoping to break him and Elenaup (Torres is dating his mother after all).

Things get even more awkward between Bishop and Torres

After that nightmare of a double date, Torres and Bishopstart speaking less to each other. Ellie can’t cope with the silence, so she pullsTorres aside and asks if he’s still upset about the double date. Torres liesand says everything is OK, going one step further and telling her it’s OK ifshe dates Richard. “If you want to date Richard, be my guest. I don’t care whoyou date, just like you don’t care who I date,” said Torres. However, hisstatement sounded more like a question than a statement. It was pretty obvious Torreswas asking Bishop if she was interested in dating him or if she was really intoRichard. However, Bishop didn’t step up and declare her true feelings.

Bishop and Torres almost confess their attraction for each other

Although Torres says everything is fine, Bishop can tellthat’s not true. She approaches Torres again and asks him when they’re going tostop acting so strange toward each other. Torres agrees to go back to the waythings were and continue their friendship. He says when he saw Bishop withRichard he felt “overprotective,” but from the way he paused before he saidthat, we could tell he was really going to say he felt jealous. Bishop andTorres clearly like each other, so this little song and dance they’re doing islikely frustrating for viewers. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess which waythis relationship will go. Will Torres take Palmer’s advice and steer clear of anoffice romance?

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