NCIS LA will be working with FBI Agent Samantha James in season 14

NCIS LA will be working with FBI Agent Samantha James in season 14

October 22, 2022

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NCIS Los Angeles has made a comeback for its 14th series, after NCIS and NCIS Hawaii returned last month. The CBS spin-off is now in full swing with episode three airing on Sunday, October 23. This time, there will be a new face welcomed as the team require another pair of hands for this next investigation.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from NCIS Los Angeles.

Who plays FBI Agent Samantha James in NCIS LA?

NCIS Los Angeles season 14, episode three, is entitled The Body Stitchers and will see the team look into an old case that they never cracked.

Years ago, NCIS LA was investigating a grisly group of murderers who referred to themselves as The Body Stitchers.

Unfortunately, they were never able to catch the culprits responsible but when new evidence emerges, the team joins forces with the FBI to ensure their capture this time around.

So the field agents are going to have to work closely with FBI Agent Samantha James (played by Megan Le) if they want any chance of putting the killers behind bars.

Agent Samantha James is portrayed by actress Megan Le who most famously starred in the TV series No Matter What as Alex Lee in 2019.

Prior to this, she had minor roles in Sons of Liberty, Wasteland, Lazarus Rising, Stumptown and Rumor from Ground Control.

In 2020, Le went on to star in the comedy Medical Police on Netflix as a character called Tran.

But this isn’t the first time that she will be cropping up in NCIS Los Angeles.

Last year, Le made an appearance in NCIS LA as a character called Erica in the episode The Frogman’s Daughter.

This was only a minor part but those at CBS must have been impressed by her work since she has been asked back for a bigger role

Little is known about Agent Samantha James so far but a clip has seen her knocking on someone’s door alongside Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah).

When they ask Adrian Elizondo (Philip Guerrero), to open his elderly neighbour’s door so they can speak to her, he returns to the agents, stunned, but what did he find?

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This isn’t the only thing going on in The Body Stitchers though as an unexpected bond will begin to form.

Sam Hanna’s (LL Cool J) dad Raymond (Richard Gant) is going to meet Arkady Kolcheck (Vyto Ruginis), Anna Kolcheck’s (Bar Paly) father for the first time.

They will hit it off, much to the surprise of Hanna, Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and Anna, but hopefully, it’s a sign of good things to come with a wedding on the horizon.

NCIS LA season 14 continues every Sunday on CBS in the USA. A UK release date hasn’t been announced.

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