Nathan Fillion reunites with Castle co-star on set of The Rookie

Nathan Fillion reunites with Castle co-star on set of The Rookie

March 17, 2023

The Rookie: Nathan Fillion gives amazing answer to director

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Fans are currently in the midst of drama in the fifth season of The Rookie as they follow Nathan Fillion reprising his role of wannabe LAPD officer John Nolan. The star recently reunited with his former Castle co-star Jon Huertas in a behind-the-scenes clip. 

Star Nathan Fillion has got fans in the mood for the upcoming episode of The Rookie after sharing a video of him with his former co-star Huertas.

Taking to the show’s official Twitter account recently, the actor shared a video from behind the scenes of the latest episode. 

Former Castle star Huertas is trying his hand at directing the upcoming episode of The Rookie, titled Double Trouble. 

The Tweet read: “Get excited for a FANTEXCELLENT episode of #TheRookie with director @jonhuertas in ONE WEEK! @nathanfillion.”

In the short clip, the John Nolan star can be seen chatting to Huertas, who starred in the mystery drama Castle alongside Fillion. 

Fillion said: “Hi, Jon Huertas. It’s me, Nathan Fillion. 

“I have to do things for ABC publicity every once in a while and just give them a little behind-the-scenes stuff, some extra stuff so they know what’s going on here.

“You’re directing this episode. This is the second episode you’ve directed with us. If you had to describe what it’s like to work with me on a scale of ‘excellent’ to ‘fantastic’, where would it land?”

In a response to Fillion’s question, the This Is Us actor wittily responded: “Fantexcellent.”

Fans were clearly ecstatic to see the pair reunite as they quickly took to the comments section to express their excitement. 

One fan @helen_green85 wrote: “Love to see them work together after Castle. This makes me soooo happy!!”

With a second @castle_all adding: “So nice to see you both together. Can’t wait to see the new episode!”

@HollyScratter wrote: “Dude! The guy from Castle! Love that they’re reunited!”

And @YsaTssnn commented: “So nice to see them together ! Can’t wait for the new episode next week”

A fifth @1348Marin wrote: “What a cool idea! I loved when his former Castle costar daughter was in an earlier episode, too.”

While @Kim05508990 said: “I love that Joh Huertas is directing; but I’d love to see them act together again! Kudo’s that The Rookie has brought him back to direct another episode! Woot.”

The pair starred in all eight seasons of ABC’s murder mystery drama Castle, between 2009 and 2016 

Fillion starred as the lead character Richard Castle, while Huertas portrayed Javier Esposito.

But Huertas is making a comeback with his co-star, as he returned to The Rookie team, making his second directorial debut on the show. 

He previously directed episode seven of season five, titled Crossfire. Now he will use his skills again to direct next week’s episode 18. 

The Rookie season five continues Tueadays on ABC in the US. 

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