Naga Munchetty snaps ‘let me finish’ as Charlie Stayt pulls up co-star

Naga Munchetty snaps ‘let me finish’ as Charlie Stayt pulls up co-star

March 18, 2023

BBC Breakfast: Charlie tells Naga ‘you can’t ask that’

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Sara divulged all to the BBC Breakfast pair about her career on the stand-up circuit and how her material has changed over the years after becoming a mother and wife. Keen to learn more, Naga wanted to hear more about the lesser successful time on stage and how Sara deals with rather tricky audiences.

However, her line of questioning prompted an intervention from Charlie who was clearly taken aback by the brashness of Naga’s probe.

The moment came when Naga asked Sara: “When are you next on stage?”

“Tonight,” Sara confirmed before she shared: “In Manchester at the Palace Theatre.

“Do you get nervous?” Naga promptly asked back to which Sara replied: “I get slightly apprehensive, it’s not the same as nerves, it’s more a form of excitement.”

Wanting to delve further, Naga readied herself as she asked: “And when – not that it’s gonna happen – when you start losing the room…”

But clearly unimpressed with his co-star’s phrasing, Charlie cut in.

“You can’t say that!” Charlie interjected as Sara let out a laugh. “Sara’s doing a gig tonight!”

But Naga defended herself as she hit back: “I haven’t – let me finish my question!”

BBC Breakfast: Naga told ‘you’re really not supposed to do that’

Naga continued her trail of thought as she asked: “When you start losing a room – if you start losing a room -“

But Charlie spotted the chance to interject once more and pull Naga up on her choice of words as he said: “When?”

“Stop it!” Naga hit out at her co-host before turning her attention to Sara again: “What’s your trick?”

Sara answered: “There are all different reasons why you might be losing people’s interest, and it can happen and you feel it instantly that people’s attention has gone.

“Sometimes you stumble a word or not acknowledge it, or it could even be something like a couple of people have got up and the audience is like, ‘Why aren’t you acknowledged that? Where have they gone?’ Distractions.

“So you go into a sort of tool kit from all the times it’s happened before to go, ‘What’s the best thing to do here? Acknowledge what’s happened? Drop what I’m doing and start something else?’

“Sometimes even going, ‘You seemed really bored by that story, shall I tell you something else?’ You panic, you panic.”

This wasn’t the first time Charlie pulled Naga up for her antics on Saturday morning after she bumped him on the head with an inflatable fish.

After discussing this week’s FA Cup ties and Grimsby’s upcoming clash with Brighton, Naga reached behind the sofa to grab an inflatable version of the team’s mascot.

As she brought it over to where she was sitting, she nudged Charlie’s head, who promptly quipped: “You’re not supposed to do that.”

Even the show’s sports reporter told Naga: “You’re not supposed to slap people in the face with the fish!”

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