Myleene Klass ‘panics’ BBC One Show host Alex Jones with extreme parenting tip

Myleene Klass ‘panics’ BBC One Show host Alex Jones with extreme parenting tip

May 10, 2022

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Myleene Klass left BBC The One Show host Alex Jones in utter shock after sharing her extreme parenting tip on the chat show.

The Former Hear'Say singer explained how her father would wake her up at 4am in the morning to do fire drills around their home – and now she does the same with her two children.

Speaking to Alex and co-host Jermaine Jenas on the show, Myleene said they 'make a game' out of it and practise what they would do in the event of a fire by carrying out emergency drills.

Even though the mum said she thought it was 'some kind of torture' as a child, she's learnt to see the benefit in it.

The mum-of-three blindfolds her three children, Ava, 14, Hero, 11 and Apollo, 2, and pretend as if there is a fire in their house.

Speaking about her dad's drills, the 44-year-old said: "He would do a fire muster at 4am. I never thanked him then."

"What like a fake alarm?" asked a gobsmacked Alex. "Yeah like a fire drill," said Myleene, 44. And she explained: "We all know at work we get a fire drill and nobody moves a muscle but with fire it happens when you least expect it."

She continued: "I remember saying 'I'm never going to do this with my children, this is some kind of torture.' Now I do it with my children We make a game out of it. I put blindfolds on them."

Myleene explained importance of the drills to her and her family she said: "From working with charities you hear terrifying stories about children who don't know what to do. So they do the first thing that comes naturally to them and they hide under their beds.

"Or they hide in cupboards. If you're teaching your child how to hold a knife and fork, if you're teaching your child to cross the road. These are basic life skills."

Mother-of-three Alex asked Myleene if she has an escape plan for her house and said: "It's making me panic now." And Myleene continued: "We turn it into a game. I'll say to the girls 'if this entrance is blocked how are we going to get out? where are we going to meet?'

"We've got our little fire muster point. We do it with blindfolds and we all know how to stay low and we've all got a plan over who is taking what. We can't take our favourite toys. If you plan for it then you're more prepared."

She added: " You wouldn't get in a car and just drive off. You need to know have I got insurance, what am I going to do if something goes wrong?"

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