Minority Report season 2 release date: Will there be another series of Minority Report?

Minority Report season 2 release date: Will there be another series of Minority Report?

October 30, 2020

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Minority Report season two would be welcomed by fans who have enjoyed watching the reboot of the 2015 classic. FOX UK secured the rights to air the series, which originally aired in the US, and the series made its UK debut on October 21. Express.co.uk has everything you need to know about season two of Minority Report.

Will there be another series of Minority Report?

The Minority Report series was inspired by the 1956 short story of the same name by Philip K Dick, and director Steven Spielberg adapted the book into a film.

Minority Report was the first movie directed by Spielberg to be turned into a TV show, so fans had high hopes for the sci-fi series.

Set in Washington DC in the year 2065, Dash Parker (played by Stark Sands) has the ability to predict murders before they happen.

Although the concept was an interesting one, fans said the series lacked action and imagination, and it did not last on screens for very long.

The original series order was due to be 13 episodes, but in October 15 Fox announced it would be cut down to 10 episodes.

By May 2016 the network had announced it had cancelled the series, so sadly fans in the UK will not be expecting a second season.

When will Minority Report season 2 be released?

Deadline announced the news of the cancellation and they said sadly the series just did not connect with viewers.

They did not give an official reason as to why the series was cancelled but from feedback, it was most likely due to a lack of interest.

However, with FOX UK now picking up the series, it may have a totally different impact on fans in another part of the world.

If viewership in the UK looks promising, there is always a chance the cast could be brought back for some kind of reunion.

However, as four years have now passed since the series was cancelled, it may be difficult to reunite previous cast members.

This may have been a short-lived series for the US, but hopefully, fans in the UK will see its potential.

Who will be in the cast of Minority Report season 2?

If a second series is picked up eventually, fans can expect to see more of Meagan Good as Met Police detective Lara Vega.

Other main characters included Nick Zano as Arthur Watson, Dash’s brother, and Daniel London as Norbert “Wally” Wallace – Dash’s caretaker.

In an interview with Showbiz Junkies from back in 2015, actor Sands described his precog character, saying: “When it’s a murder it overcomes him and he has to literally find somewhere to hide so people don’t wonder why this guy is having a convulsion.

“There are moments in the show where I have to revisit my vision to sort of tell you the journey of solving the crime, so there is a little bit of control but not a lot.”

In the trailer for the series fans are introduced to the Precrime Programme, which was closed down, and Dash is left to stop crime before it happens.

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What will happen in Minority Report season 2?

As the running order was cut short on the first season it is difficult to say what would happen in a second season.

However, Dash will hopefully be honing in on his special abilities, as in the first season he explained how he had never reached a crime in time to stop it.

Over time he will hopefully be able to harness his powers enough to stop criminals from acting on their impulses.

Sadly a second series is unlikely to happen, but there is always scope for some sort of reunion episode.

Fans were gutted to hear the series had been cancelled, with one saying on YouTube: “It kinda hurts when shows with great potential like this get cancelled after first season but the c****y unfunny sitcoms get around five seasons.

“And it also hurts that originally there were supposed to be 13 episodes but Fox cut them to 10.”

Viewers had expected great things for the series, with one saying: “Looks to me like Fox is going to have another really good sci-fi show (that they can cancel after the first season.)”

The series inspired fans to watch the original film from 2002, which starred Tom Cruise and Samantha Morton.

While the film received critical acclaim, it seemed the series had arrived a little too late as fans felt the story had been overworked.

Still, there were some dedicated fans who are still calling for more, with one saying: “I really loved The show and the movie in fact I like the show better than the movie and I wish they would have a second season.”

Viewers should never say never when it comes to TV, so they are keeping their fingers crossed that the show takes off in the UK.

Minority Report airs on FOX

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