Meghan’s ‘friend’ claims Harry will realise ‘mistake’ of marrying her

Meghan’s ‘friend’ claims Harry will realise ‘mistake’ of marrying her

December 18, 2022

Harry and Meghan: Cundy discusses possibility of divorce

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All six episodes of the highly anticipated Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan have now been released, giving an insight into their romance and the decision to step back from their royal duties. Lizzie opened up about what she knows about their relationship and claimed they would eventually get divorced.

Lizzie slammed: “The only racist I know in the Royal Family was Harry who wore the Nazi uniform!”

Questioning their marriage, James asked: “Do you think that she and Harry will ever get divorced?”

“I think he will suddenly think ‘I have made a massive mistake’,” she admitted. “I do because everything he was brought into, his family, he would have lost and I don’t think the Windsor brothers will ever get back from this.”

James added: “Do you think that she is more likely not to divorce him that he is likely to divorce her?”

Lizzie expressed: “I hope they are very happy, listen my thoughts are I hope they are very happy because he has given up everything.”

Pushing the question of divorce for the pair further, James continued: “Do you think that it is more likely that he will see because I have never met them and you say you have.

“He says he has and I never have and everybody talks about them as if they know them. I hope their marriage lasts.”

Ash interjected and added: “But if it doesn’t he will be welcomed back into the fold.”

Lizzie agreed and explained: “I think Harry will be welcomed back.”

James asked: “Do you think she has married him for his money?” to which Lizzie clapped back: “I think, no I don’t think that, I think they are very much in love.”

Ash quipped: “She has married him to make money,” but Lizzie shut down the suggestion and said: “But I don’t think when she got into the Royal Family it was what she thought.

“It is very different from being a Hollywood Princess to a royal Princess and I think she thought it was very different and it is hard work.

“And it is not always so exciting going to open up hospitals.”

Ash simply argued back: “She has cut off her father, her sister and she has got no friends, they didn’t know her the guests she brought in, she will cut off Harry in the end.”

Lizzie has previously stated in the past she regrets setting the pair up and apologised for their meeting.

The TV personality met Meghan in 2013 and became close friends quickly, with Meghan expressing she would “love an English boyfriend”.

Lizzie told OK!: “I wish I never introduced Harry [to her.] It’s all my fault! I’m sorry Camilla. I’m sorry everyone!”

She also told Grazia: “I texted her to say how amazing it was and she did reply. But once the ring was on the finger, I soon realised she was off Twitter and that her number wasn’t working.

“And that was it – I’m afraid both Piers Morgan and I got ghosted.”

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