Marvel's The Punisher season 2: Frank Castle faces army in first trailer

Marvel's The Punisher season 2: Frank Castle faces army in first trailer

January 11, 2019

Even in hiding, Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) can’t help but get into trouble.

In the first trailer for the second season of Marvel’s The Punisher, Frank winds up saving a stranger (Giorgia Whigham) from a group of trigger-happy attackers in a bar just because he can — or so he says. “You know, it’s almost like you were happy for the excuse,” she observes. And she’s right: After all, Frank likes a fight, and from the look of the footage above, he becomes entangled in a pair of bloody plots. The first involves the young woman from the bar, who’s being pursued by a menacing-looking man in a black hat (Josh Stewart), and the second, of course, has to deal with Billy Russo (Ben Barnes), his former brother-in-arms who betrayed the Castle family.

Frank got his revenge on Billy at the end of season 1, but Billy, who’s now scarred and traumatized from that showdown, wants payback. “I dreamed about the Punisher every night,” he declares in the trailer. “I want him to feel what I felt.” He won’t be alone in his quest to take down Frank, but Frank’s prepared. “I’m not the one that dies,” he says. “I’m the one that does the killing.” Aaaaand cue the gunfire.

Watch the trailer above. Marvel’s The Punisher returns Jan. 18 on Netflix.

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