Married At First Sight UK: Why has Nikita Jasmine been axed?

Married At First Sight UK: Why has Nikita Jasmine been axed?

September 8, 2021

Married at First Sight UK: Jordan and Alexis star in teaser

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Nikita was one of the stand out contestants from this year’s edition of Married At First Sight UK after marrying husband Ant Poole. From the offset, the pair clashed as the bride had a whole list of criteria a potential partner would have to meet to get her approval. However, her fiery outbursts have led the bosses of the Channel 4 show to axe her.

Why has Nikita Jasmine been axed from Married At First Sight UK?

In a teaser for a future episode airing on Tuesday 7 September, 2021, Nikita is seen losing her cool with her co-stars.

The tense scenes come as she and her husband Ant sit down with other couples for a meal for the first time since returning from their Honeymoon.

Nikita tells fellow contestant Jordan Mundell: “Speaking to me mate like s***! Don’t speak to me like a little f***ing divvy! I’m leaving the f***ing show, I’m leaving anyways! I’m going!”

However, it seems bosses took the comments seriously as a spokesperson has confirmed the contestant won’t be featuring in future instalments.

They explained: “The wellbeing of cast and crew is our utmost priority at all times throughout production and beyond.”

“During filming, a situation escalated off-camera and Nikita displayed a level of aggression that was unacceptable and breached our agreed code of conduct on behaviour,” they added.

“As a result, she was asked to leave the experiment. All involved have been offered support and Nikita has since apologised and resolved the situation with those involved,” they told The Mail Online.

Nikita will still feature in Wednesday night’s episode but she will make her official exit during Thursday’s instalment.

This will be when the first handful of couple’s taking part in the show decide whether they want to stick with one another in a commitment ceremony.

Nikita was asked to leave

Married At First Sight spokesperson

Why did Nikita Jasmine have an argument with Jordan Mundell?

The argument which led to Nikita being axed from the show came when Jordan admitted he and his partner, Alexis Economou agreed they would be friends rather than a couple.

In the scenes, Nikita asks Jordan if Alexis is his type and when he doesn’t answer, she proceeds to ask the question again.

After acknowledging he heard her the first time, Nikita replied: “Am I speaking clear English for you?” before telling him he is “punching” above his weight to be couple up with Alexis.

Analysing the moment, counsellor Paul C Brunson explains Nikita is defensive because she sees her past in Alexis’ rejection from Jordan.

“I’m done with it, I can’t bear people like that,” she tells her husband Ant before saying she “absolutely hates” Jordan.

Counsellor Mel Schilling adds: “Nikita has gone too far now, she’s flattered. She’s full of stress hormones.

“It’s all pumping and she cannot stop. You can see this, the train has left the station,” the love guru remarks.

After Nikita is seen losing her call with Jordan, leading to her removal from the show.

What did Nikita Jasmine think of Ant Poole?

Nikita’s first impressions of her husband were not great as she had told the counsellors she wanted a six-foot man with muscles, green eyes and veneers.

Unfortunately, Ant didn’t meet the full criteria and before walking down the aisle, Nikita passed comment on the man who was going to become her spouse.

She told the cameras: “They’ve just done the total f***ing opposite of what I’ve asked for.

“I mean obviously I was talking about looks quite a lot. Looks was a huge thing to me and I don’t think they’ve listened to what I said.”

It’s not been revealed if Ant has left the show with his partner or has stayed on to find love.

Married At First Sight UK airs weeknights at 9pm on E4.

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