Married At First Sight star Amy Christophers claims 'huge storyline' was CUT from show as Josh comes under fire

Married At First Sight star Amy Christophers claims 'huge storyline' was CUT from show as Josh comes under fire

January 31, 2022

MARRIED At First Sight star Amy Christophers has claimed a "huge storyline" was CUT from the show after backlash online.

Her husband Josh Christie came under fire from the brides in tonight's dramatic episode as Morag Crichton revealed he'd slid into HER DMs a year before filming.

Amy suffered cruel tweets after she told Morag: "Blondes aren't even his type though."

Explaining her side of the story, Amy told fans on Twitter: "It was a huge storyline that got cut hun lol.

"He [Josh] says 'blondes are for playing, brunettes are for staying' and insisted he didn’t like blondes.

"It was the narrative throughout but there’s so much that didn’t get included about people.

"At this point I’m so over this lol. No idea how I’m getting so much hate, literally done nothing wrong!

"Yet people still turn it around on me. So much of our relationship hasn’t been seen. It’s annoying!

"Also everything I said after Morag told me about the dm was cut. I said it’s fine everyone has a past, she asked me not to say anything to Josh but she told Luke so obvs I was going to tell my husband."

The scene was teased in the final break of the E4 show.

"I'm sorry, but there's something I'm going to have to bring up today," said Morag.

"I didn't want to bring it up and plant a seed in somebody else's head and make them paranoid and worried.

"However, last year Josh may have added me and sent me a message, multiple times and liked multiple of my photos.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mention it because I didn't want you to be worried. I told Luke from the off however, has Josh mentioned it to you?

"Has he been transparent, has he been honest?

"I genuinely feel like he messaged a lot of girls, I just happened to be one of them."

Many viewers claimed "player" Josh had FORGOTTEN messaging Morag – and accused her of intentionally trying to cause trouble.

One viewer said: "To be honest Josh said he was a player before the show and probs doesn’t even remember sending her the message, don’t know why Morag was making it a huge thing! yes she should’ve let you know but not in-front of everyone and not being that dramatic."

Another said: "Morag and Josh a year a go, yeah right! How much are the producers paying Morag to stir the pot? WE NEED THE RECIPTS."

Someone else added: "Knowing Josh… He cant even remember Morag. Josh has already said he was a player."

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