MAFS UK fans beg Whitney to leave as she screams at ‘fake’ husband in ‘toxic’ row

MAFS UK fans beg Whitney to leave as she screams at ‘fake’ husband in ‘toxic’ row

September 1, 2022

Married At First Sight UK fans were left unhappy with scenes aired in Wednesday's episode – with viewers even hoping one contestant leaves.

Duka Cav and Whitney Hughes' relationship got off to a rough start in the series premiere on Monday night, as the bride made a number of flippant comments during their vows and even rolled her eyes at her husband.

Things then went from bad to worse on their honeymoon and after a string of cringey moments, Whitney accused her new groom of being "fake" as the pair had a major clash.

The pair were been on a safari and while taking in the scenery, Duka told his new wife: "I wouldn't necessarily class myself as a colourful person."

Whitney didn't seem impressed and replied: "Really?"

"No I wouldn't," Duka said bluntly, to which Whitney continued: "Yeah you're a bit, you know, glitter and gold. You like to put on a show."

Duka responded: "When someone says to me, 'you're colourful', you would assume that they're high maintenance or they're a bit too much."

Whitney then asked: "Why are you getting all aggy about it?"

Her husband replied: "I'm not."

As the show cut away from the conversation to an interview with Whitney, she told the camera: "I poke him and prod him with like our conversations because I'm trying to draw him out of himself so he can really show who he is.

"But the boy will not let that mask slip. He's determined to keep that facade."

Cutting back to the scene again, Duka could be seen saying: "It's like you expect me to be annoyed because you think colourful means one thing and I think it means another thing…"

Whitney then took it one step further as the exchange got more heated, and told Duka that he was different off camera.

She added: "You act like as if you're Vicky Victim, and as if you're Perky Pete."

Speaking to the camera again, Duka said: "Being told that I'm very different off camera versus on camera is very annoying because off camera, I'm the same person as I am on camera. We're supposed to be on honeymoon and it's almost ruining the experience."

Things took a turn for the worse when Whitney lost her wedding band and claimed she would not be replacing it.

An argument soon exploded as Whiney screamed: "You are just talking s**t! Stop being fake, just be you."

Fans of the show were left in horror, with some begging Duka to leave.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "This Whitney is utterly vile, what a derogatory way to speak to anyone, I can feel rage watching it… get in the bin."

Another added: "Whitney needs to go… probably the most toxic person I’ve seen on married at first sight."

A fan also agreed: "Whitney needs to leave. She is rude," as a fourth said: "That Whitney is a horrible person, get rid of her."

We're just a few episodes into the current series of MAFS, but there's already been plenty of drama.

Last night's episode also saw George Roberts break down in tears after learning his new wife April had "cheated" on him during their honeymoon.

Fans were also left in shock when Thomas Hartley made an awkward comment about his new groom not being his type.


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