'LPBW': Matt Roloff Just Gave a Clue He's Back to Filming a New Season

'LPBW': Matt Roloff Just Gave a Clue He's Back to Filming a New Season

November 23, 2020

Season 21 of Little People, Big World gave fans insight into Amy Roloff’s big move off of Roloff Farms. While Amy resided on the farm property post-divorce from Matt Roloff, she finally made the decision to move on and find a place of her own. And the end of the season showed her saying goodbye to the farmhouse she lived in for 30 years.

Now, it looks like fans will be getting a new season of the show sooner rather than later. Here’s what clues Matt gave.

Amy Roloff told ‘Little People, Big World’ fans she’s back to filming

Season 21 was shorter than usual, and it was most likely cut due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But it looks like the Roloffs will be back before the pandemic is through. Way ahead of any official season 22 announcements, Amy took to social media to share that she’s already with filming crews once again.

“To be able to keep filming LPBW — have to get tested often,” she captioned a photo of herself that appeared on her Instagram Stories. “Woohoo! ‘Negative.’ Ready to go.”

That’s all Amy’s posted so far in regards to the new season. But we know she’s been up to quite a lot post-move. She’s prepping for her future wedding to Chris Marek, though her original plans got delayed. And she’s also spending some time with friends and family, as she posted a photo with her son, Jacob Roloff, and her daughter-in-law, Isabel Rock, in November.

Matt Roloff just gave a clue he’s filming as well


As for what Matt’s up to, it seems he’s done some traveling. After Roloff Farms’ pumpkin season wrapped up, he and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler went to Mexico to enjoy some rest and relaxation.

“As the new sole owner of the pumpkin patch it was a difficult decision … I decided to open our gates to tens of thousands of visitors from every part of the state, country, and world,” Matt captioned an Instagram post of him and Caryn in November 2020. “Yes, we wore our masks but still … close contact with so many during the October festival was a risk we had to take to provide some measure of sanity to our neighbors and community.” 

Matt then explained in the post that since he returned from Mexico, he’s been tested for coronavirus so he can get back to filming the show. “I’ve self-quarantined For the past 12 days,” he added. “Last Wednesday I tested negative whoohooo. All that exposure and still clean today … all negative tests. Now we can return to our filming duties and the array of projects around the farm.”

Matt and Amy seem to be on OK terms as they celebrated their granddaughter’s birthday together

The end of season 21 saw Matt and Amy at serious odds. While Matt hoped Amy would move off of Roloff Farms quickly, it took Amy longer than she expected. And there were still many questions that remained regarding what would happen with the farm in the future.

At the end of the season, Amy told Matt that once she moved, she’d never step foot on Roloff Farms again. But it seems that’s not the case, as Amy was spotted during pumpkin season helping out. And she and Matt both celebrated their granddaughter’s birthday. On Nov. 21, Matt posted a photo showing Lilah Roloff’s first birthday celebration, and Amy was in the background.

We’re hoping Matt and Amy have made peace with their differences and can both move forward in a better direction. We’ll find out next season!

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