Love Island’s Georgia Steel urges ITV show to air fewer raunchy bedroom scenes

Love Island’s Georgia Steel urges ITV show to air fewer raunchy bedroom scenes

July 21, 2022

Love Island's Georgia Steel has expressed her thoughts on the ITV show's sex scenes.

The reality TV beauty, 24, starred in series four of the ITV dating show and chatted exclusively about her time on the show and what she's been up to since to the Daily Star during a Facebook Live chat.

During the more recent series, the show has aired fewer and fewer X-rated scenes, which Georgia thinks is nothing but a good thing.

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Georgia said: "Maybe call me old school here but I do… I feel like intimacy is something that is private and special and is something between two people.

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"That is a reason, that's why I never got intimate on the show which was due to the fact that I knew thousands and millions of people would be watching it.

"For me, intimacy is something that is between two people and should be kept that way in my opinion."

She continued: "But I do feel it is a way to show relationships building, it is nice how we see certain moments in bed when they're cuddling and we see how genuine that is as a relationship.

"Like some couples sleep either side of the bed and that to me is a bit weird, why are you not cuddling if you're together?

"But also younger ages are watching it now as well, the audience has grown so much since the first series and they have to make it acceptable for all age groups and I think it's a good way how the producers have steered the show in my opinion."

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Talking about her life post-show and how her modelling has taken off, she revealed one thing that has weirded her out since leaving the villa.

Georgia explained: "One thing that I do find so bizarre is that I have a Wikifeet page. I have a page on Wiki dedicated to my feet. Let's bear in mind that, given that I've never done feet modelling, I've never done anything like modelling heels, yes, I have very small feet I'm a size three and I'm quite petite but still… a Wikifeet page!"


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