Love Island's Faye Winter, 26, boasts she's 'great in bed' and admits Botox makes her look like 'a hard faced cow'

Love Island's Faye Winter, 26, boasts she's 'great in bed' and admits Botox makes her look like 'a hard faced cow'

June 23, 2021

LOVE Island 2021 star Faye Winter has revealed all in a promo video ahead of the highly-anticipated new series.

The 26-year-old lettings manager, who will join the line-up of 11 sexy new hopefuls on Monday evening, boasted she is "great in bed" in the clip.

Posted to the official Love Island Twitter page, the video shows Faye giving an insight into her personality and hopes for her time in the Majorcan villa.

Boasting about her sexual ability, the soon-to-be reality star joked she was a "hard faced cow" looking for a man to "rip her a new a**hole".

The type of person I’m looking for is someone that can literally rip me a new a**hole," she began in the clip. "Not like that! Not like that!"

Smiling and posing for the camera, she continued: "I've been single for two years. I went to cougarville, and cougarville is great!

"I'm a fantastic girlfriend – I'll buy presents and cook you dinner. Actually, no. I don't do that. I don't actually know what I do or bring to the table."

Laughing and blowing kisses, while offering a sultry stare to the camera, she quickly gushed: "I'm great in bed!"

Faye quickly changed the subject by revealing she "boards guide dogs" in her spare time, "dropping them off at school" during the day.

"I drop them off at school, go to work and live my best life at work, then I go back, pick them up overnight and have them all weekend," she explained, joking a potential new man would be "second to the dogs".

The Devonshire native went on: "My friends always say that I've got a heart of gold, but I don't want to be seen like that, though.

"I'm just a bit of a hard-faced cow but that might be the Botox."

Faye concluded that she couldn't wait "to get into" the villa, based in Majorca, Spain, so she could get her hands on "some fit men".

The Love Island contestant shocked fans as she announced she wanted a man who could "rip me a new a***hole" on the video's release.

Blonde bombshell Faye is one of eleven hot new hopefuls entering the villa for the upcoming series of Love Island.

Faye says she loves her job – particularly frustrating her her female clients by wearing short skirts and having her "boobs and bum out".

"I’m a lettings manager and I’ve got an amazing team. I go out and do valuations, win business for the company and I’ll do the odd viewing and find tenants," she said.

"I absolutely love it! I’ve actually only taken a sabbatical from work because in my ideal world, I’d love to go back to work.

"I try to make it as Selling Sunset as possible. I’m definitely there in the mini dresses, boobs out, bum out, turning up and you can see the wives say to their husband, You’re staying outside'. It’s so fun."

Speaking ahead of the release of the ITV series, she added: "In the last year we haven’t been able to experience anything so I’m open to anything."

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