Love Island's Dani Dyer set to DOUBLE earnings following Jack Fincham split – but experts warn they'll lose £1million in couple deals

Love Island's Dani Dyer set to DOUBLE earnings following Jack Fincham split – but experts warn they'll lose £1million in couple deals

December 7, 2018

But following Dani's announcement that the romance has come to an end, experts warn that they'll have to say farewell to £1 million of potential earnings.

As a double act they were a financial force to be reckoned, earning just shy of £1million in the six months since the show ended.

But they're likely to miss out on a further £1 million that they would have received from lucrative social media sponsorship, TV and magazine deals.

Here, The Sun Online reveals how their split will affect the pair financially…

Dani's name will carry her through

According to a PR guru, Jack is set to lose out the most – with EastEnders' star Danny Dyer's daughter Dani predicted to double her earnings next year if she continues to work hard.

They told The Sun Online: "Dani’s name will carry her through. She’s got more social media followers and she’s building a powerful brand. While in comparison, Jack is languishing really far behind her.

One celebrity insider revealed the couple earned £150,000 in deals together since the show, but Dani is unlikely to be too upset – she's pulled in an estimated £700,000 on her own since the reality show – working out at a staggering £3,700 a day.

'Big hitters' are still together

While Dani has secured multiple lucrative deals, their future earnings for magazine engagement and wedding deals, as well as future reality TV shows as a couple, would have topped up both their bank balances.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, an insider said: “Yes, they are making money on their own, but look at the big hitters – like the Beckhams, or Mark and Michelle Wright.

“There is mileage and money to be made together, and so far Dani and Jack have only done it as couple – lets see if they get on without their love story."

Their deals may have been solo but they did share a lot of their lives together on social media – a big money spinner these days.

'Half a million for book deal'

On top of her clothing range and being case in Nativity: The Musical in London’s West End, Dani has also penned her autobiography What Would Dani Do?, due to hit bookshops in April.

Industry sources suggest celebs like Dani can pick up between £30,000 and £500,000 in agreeing a book deal.

On top of this she can expect to pocket 12 per cent of the hardcover price, as well 25 per cent of the audio and eBook prices.

At £16.95 per hardback she could make thousands more on her upfront fee.

Cashing in on clothing

Both have launched clothing lines – Dani’s collaboration with In The Style in October and Jack's with Rey earlier this week.

Though Dani's earnings haven't been disclosed yet, they're thought to include a £100,000 signing on fee – but it seems to have been money well spent as 500,000 fans hit the sales website on launch day.

In The Style founder Adam Frisby confirmed its success revealing she sold 5,000 items of clothing in the first two hours as well as 80,000 advance orders.

She will earn royalty fees from each item sold – thought to be 20 per cent of the cost of the piece of clothing – which means she could have made £20,000 in the first hour alone.

Stars of the future?

Stage show Nativity – which also stars her dad Danny – could earn her as much as £25,000 based on previous rates for reality stars who tread the West End stage.

Tickets have been selling well which could see her make more stage appearances.

On top of these activities Dani has her Instagram social media feed.

At latest count she had 3.4m followers and in November alone posted more than 50 times – while Jack posted 21 times to his 2.6m followers.

Jack also owns two businesses, including a stationery firm he founded in 2013, worth £784 according to its latest accounts.

Though not on the same pay scale Dani, Jack is also raking it in from sponsored Instagram posts.

His online account has featured lots of shots of the couple together, and in the last month has had two paid for posts for McDonalds and vehicle leasing company NVG Ltd, before he announced his clothing line earlier this week.

He shares the same agent as Dani and would be expected to get the same deal – a £100,000 signing on fee and 20 percent from each piece of clothing sold.

But only time will tell whether the duo will continue to attract as much interest without their love story.

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