Love Island's Dami and Luca in furious clash as boys bedhop in Casa Amor – and Andrew kisses Coco | The Sun

Love Island's Dami and Luca in furious clash as boys bedhop in Casa Amor – and Andrew kisses Coco | The Sun

July 4, 2022

LOVE Island's Dami Hope and Luca Bish clash tonight as tensions boil over after two shock kisses.

Things get steamy in the original villa as the new girls get to know the boys intimately.

Dami and Summer enjoy a cheeky snog on the terrace, while Andrew and Coco also have a smooch.

But when the boys share their experiences by the fire pit that evening, the atmosphere gets a little heated.

Luca says Dami should stay in bed with Summer, and tries to get Jacques to agree.

Unhappy, Dami responds: “Yeah, stop egging other people on man. What’s wrong with you? Just be real for once.”


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Last night there was some needle between the pair when Dami encouraged Luca to explore the new girls, but now the shoe is on the other foot, it appears to have hit a nerve.

Dami's terrace date seems to have put his relationship with Indiyah in jeopardy.

Summer asks him on the terrace: “Do you feel sneaky up here?” 

Dami replies: “Well, we didn’t crawl in so it’s fine.”

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She then asks: “Would you say I’m your type?” 

Dami answers: “Yeah, I wouldn’t really be up on the terrace if you weren’t my type.” 

She then asks Dami to read her mind. He says: “You fancy me. You feel like there is a bit of chemistry between us. You wanna kiss me. You wanna share a bed with me tonight. You still definitely want to kiss me.” 

When Summer remarks on Dami’s strong eye contact, she challenges him to a staring contest. Dami says to her: “If you lose, just shoot your shot.”

They then share their first kiss. 

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