Love Island's Amber Gill left fuming after TikTok BANS video of her dancing in tiny hotpants

Love Island's Amber Gill left fuming after TikTok BANS video of her dancing in tiny hotpants

May 19, 2021

LOVE Island's Amber Gill was left fuming after TikTok BANNED a video of her dancing in tiny hotpants.

The 23-year-old star was left baffled after her recent video was removed for "violating community guidelines".

Amber shared a clip of her shaking her peachy posterior wearing a pair of tiny black shorts with a matching crop top.

The TV beauty was shocked to discover that her cheeky video had breached TikTok rules.

A frustrated Amber wrote: "I'm sick to death of TikTok banning my videos.

"Saying I'm violating community guidelines. This is my TikTok."

She took to her Instagram story to prove a point, by sharing a clip of her video, followed by another TikTok user who had exposed significantly more of their bottom.

She then posted: "But this type of s**t is cool. Just wait for it.

"I get it if you have a problem with 🍑🍑 but like you can't not accept mine and accept this."

The reality star bounced back from the incident, sharing a clip of her singing along to her favourite song this morning.

She wrote: "Na TikTok cannot tell me not to post 🍑 when I'm just in shorts but this is one of most popular songs.

"Ima still vibe to song. BUT STILL. F**k the patriarchy."

Amber, who shot to fame when she won Love Island 2019, recently told fans that she had gone from went from a size eight to a size 12 in seven months.

She said: “I’m naturally curvy, with a big bum and boobs, and while the number on the scales has never overly bothered me, I began to feel a bit uncomfortable carrying extra weight.

“I wanted to be the best version of my-self both physically and mentally. That was the biggest motivator and why I decided to get in shape.”

Single Amber had just moved from Newcastle into a London flat on her own when the first lockdown hit last March.

Before then, her fast-paced life after Love Island had kept her a trim size 8

She has overhauled her health and fitness regime this year – losing a stone in just six weeks thanks to her new meal and workout plan.

She said: “Being constantly on the go compensated for the fact that I wasn’t getting to the gym. Then lockdown came, and I was spending all my time alone.

“The only enjoyment came from planning what I was going to eat. If I wasn’t in the gym I couldn’t motivate myself and eating healthily went out of the window.

“I stopped getting enjoyment out of taking selfies or sharing photos on Instagram. I ordered takeaways because I didn’t like cooking, and was snacking because there was nothing else to do.”

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