Love Island twins had micro thongs banned despite barely-there hideaway scenes

Love Island twins had micro thongs banned despite barely-there hideaway scenes

March 13, 2023

Love Island twins Jess and Eve Gale were "banned" from wearing their "micro" bikinis on the show.

The stunning TV stars, both 23, said ITV bosses stopped them from sporting the swimwear on the 2020 series.

Talking about the instance, the girls opened up exclusively to the Daily Star on a Facebook Live chat.

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Jess asked her sister: "I think yours was an Oh Polly one, wasn't it?"

Eve replied: "And yours was the red Ann Summers one? I don't know why though to be fair as I see thongs all the time.

"Maybe mine was like 'very thong' for a family TV show and I completely get it because it is a family TV show.

"Oh Polly do the 'micro-micro' ones and it was like that but a swimming costume and to be fair there wasn't a lot there. Or maybe it's because they thought it just looked awful," she laughed.

Showbiz host Carly Hacon then asked what the difference was with the hideaway scenes was, as girls are often shown in far racier looks.

Jess added: "This was my thing because they didn't want me wearing thong bikinis in the day but in the hideaway, I wore this Ann Summer's thing and it was so lacey and I was like 'Oh, you're alright with me wearing it now?'"

This came after the sisters revealed there was an "illness outbreak" during their Winter 2020 season.

Jess said: "There was the summer bug going around but you are in South Africa. The food is different, you are in a different country.

"I didn't get it and thank the gods out there, I was so happy I didn't, but I know a lot of people had to rush to the toilet in challenges.

"There was a 'free pass' if you said you had that, but luckily no accidents."

Jess added: "I hate sharing toilets with guys, it's so disgusting. There were toilets closer to the girls' changing room and one to guys' and I thought it would've made sense to make it 'girls and boys', but guys would still go in the girls' one. Ugh."

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