Love Island fix claims as fans insist producers TOLD Faye to comfort tearful Liberty outside while Kaz was out

Love Island fix claims as fans insist producers TOLD Faye to comfort tearful Liberty outside while Kaz was out

August 20, 2021

LOVE Island fans insist last night's show was "fixed", claiming producers TOLD Faye to comfort tearful Liberty outside while her best friend Kaz was out on her final date.

Faye was hit with a record 25,000 Ofcom complaints over her "toxic" meltdown earlier this month.

She's chased by a shocked Faye Winter with the pair left sobbing as she opens her heart about her failing relationship.

The incident, which saw Faye swear and scream in partner Teddy's face, is now the most complained about moment in the show's history.

She later apologised for her behaviour after viewers branded the uncomfortable clash "toxic" and "difficult to watch".

But this week Faye's fiery temper was back as she attacked her fellow Islanders after she and Teddy were voted the "least compatible" couple.

It led her to tell Liberty they were no longer friends – but last night she cuddled the heartbroken star as she admitted her relationship with Jake was over.

Now fans believe the move was orchestrated by producers.

One said: "Liberty went out that door & no one saw her going out & obviously producers told Faye to follow her, even the lads didn’t have much of a reaction when Jake went up to them."

Someone else said: "Yes Faye got her chance to perform another redemption arc last night and the producers gave her that chance with both barrels.

"I'm glad that Lib had someone to turn to though I just wish it was Kaz. Teddy and Faye won't win too much has happened. #LoveIsland Kyler deserve the win."

Another said: "I’m sure the producers told the other girls to take a step back and let Faye handle Lib to give her a positive spin because there’s no way ALL of that was going on and the girls didn’t gather round her like usual. That was such Faye tailored episode."

A viewer added: "The producers give Faye this rebrand is getting on my nerves. We know she's a witch."

Someone else added: "IMO, I really do feel like the producers told only Faye that Lib was having a hard time. Cause why was it just Faye consoling Lib ??

"I think they were trying to give Faye a good edit especially after the whole incident with Teddy and 25,000 ofcom complaints."

Another said: "This agenda for Faye’s redemption arc by the producers is mad why did we have to suffer through 15mins of that forced relationship."

Faye's furious rant racked up nearly ten times more complaints than the next nearest controversial villa moment when Dani Dyer broke down after seeing footage of then boyfriend Jack Fincham getting his head turned by another girl.

And it ranks as number five on the all-time list of TV Ofcom complaints just ahead of Diversity's Black Lives Matter routine on Britain's Got Talent last year.

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