Love Island fans spot ‘proof’ Luca was furious about Davide and Ekin-Su winning after Gemma Owen’s cryptic comment | The Sun

Love Island fans spot ‘proof’ Luca was furious about Davide and Ekin-Su winning after Gemma Owen’s cryptic comment | The Sun

August 9, 2022

LOVE Island fans have spotted "proof" that Luca Bish was furious about Davide and Ekin-Su winning.

In Sunday night's pre-filmed episode, all of this year's Love Island stars came together for the first time since leaving the villa.

A sneak peek clip showed how the finalists reacted to Ekin-Su and Davide being crowned winners of this year's series.

Each couple spoke to the Aftersun cameras about their eight week journey in the villa.

But fishmonger Luca was quick to share his frustration at losing out on the top spot – with Gemma Owen quickly reminding him to drop it.

Speaking after the results, Luca said: "Second place? I'm fuming…"


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Gemma quickly piped up and said: "Oh, don't start that!"

Laughing it off, Luca added: "I'm joking."

But fans think Gemma's remark suggest the pair had a prior conversation about it.

One wrote: "Gemma saying “don’t start” when Luca said he was fuming about 2nd place conclusively tells me that he was not in any way joking and has definitely ranted previously. #LoveIsland"

Another posted: "Luca hinting that he's secretly fuming on camera! #LoveIsland"

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A third said: "Why is Luca so annoyed at coming second, he's clearly not joking when he said he was fuming. #LoveIsland"

"#LoveIsland Hahah Gemma having to remind Luca to shut up on camera," another added.

It comes after Luca and co-star Jacques were accused of bullying fellow Islander Remi Lambert.

Remi previously revealed he had rowed with ‘bully’ Jacques and has now said he "wants justice".

Remi took to Instagram to discuss a clip that has gone viral , he wrote: "I never joined their live so I didn’t comment actually. A fake account called remilamb0 did. Don’t know why these guys have such a problem with me, clearly got some serious issues they need to sort out.

"Everyone said I lied about the way I was treated in that villa, but this here is an example of what was going on whilst I was in there.

"Don’t know why they wasn’t kicked out for their behaviour to be honest. It’s not banter, it’s clear signs of bullying."

Remi continued:  "I wish everyone could see all of the crap I went through. There’s 24 hours in a day and yous only seen like about 3-5 10 second clips of me out of the whole day, so you could never tell what was truly happening."

In the lengthy post he went on to explain how hard life was for him in the villa.

 "Jacques said bad things about my appearance and the way I speak, whilst Luca was encouraging it,” he revealed.

"After about 3 strikes from Jacques I told him I won’t be speaking to him anymore in the villa.

"Later on he tried apologising to me but like 10 minutes after he started with the snide comments again.

"I’ve tried to avoid this guy multiple times but he always ends up starting again. I don’t know when it will stop."

Remi continued to slam Jacques after he said he left the villa for the sake of his own mental health and admitted that if he wasn’t strong, he could have been really affected by the comments.

"Worst person to represent mental health and ADHD campaigns. He’s still out here mocking not just me but other islanders too,” he raged.

"You’d think with such a big platform they would use it to promote peace, but they’re using it to troll and they’re loving the attention. Immature.

"These guys are not role models or good people. They have not once thought about my mental health.

"If I wasn’t soo strong minded I could’ve done something stupid to myself by now, but they don’t care at all."

He concluded saying: “I want justice.”

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