Love Island chaos as ‘cheating’ confession rocks villa leaving stars gobsmacked

Love Island chaos as ‘cheating’ confession rocks villa leaving stars gobsmacked

June 21, 2023
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    Love Island will be thrown into a spot of chaos on Thursday night (June 21) as a cheating confession rocks the villa – with one Islander's "true colours' being shown.

    In a teaser for the episode, the latest batch of sexy singletons can be seen taking part in a game of Never Have I Ever? around the famous fire pit.

    But things seem to take an awkward turn when the Islanders are asked: “Never have I ever cheated?”

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    To which London-based basketball player Zachariah Noble then drank, causing his co-stars to gasp in shock.

    Digging himself a hole even further he added: "There's defo been a couple times," but insisted he felt like he was "very young at the time"

    Fellow Islander Mitchel Taylor then chimed and said: “You’re not the man I thought you were," as Molly Marsh looked horrified by the confession.

    Fan fave Jess Harding was left equally as shocked and added: "Once a cheat always a cheat."

    “True colours are now showing,” she raged, while her co-stars appeared to agree.

    It's fair to say the latest episode didn't disappoint when it came to delivering drama.

    Blonde babe Jess broke down in floods of tears as she gathered round the fire pit following her date with new bombshell Montel.

    Jess found herself on the date after she was voted one of the least compatible couples in the villa by her fellow islanders.

    After debriefing them on her date, she soon began revealing her true feelings about their vote, telling them it was a total “cop out.”

    Jess said: “we are compatible in how much we have in common, so I just feel like it was a cop out for a lot of people.

    Both Whitney and Catherine denied it was a cop out, with Whitney adding: “There’s no denying you and Sammy get along but you guys just clash.”

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