Love Island 2021: Faye and Liam in shock as parents enter villa TODAY to confront couples over lies

Love Island 2021: Faye and Liam in shock as parents enter villa TODAY to confront couples over lies

August 22, 2021

THE Love Island villa is rocked tonight as the Islanders come face to face with their partner's parents for the first time.

The special episode will air just before tomorrow night's explosive final and will see the likes of Faye and Liam put through their final tests.

Faye may have some explaining to do for her foul-mouthed tirade at Teddy, while Liam will have to confront Millie's dad after cheating on her.

Meanwhile, Liberty's mum has admitted she's pleased she didn't have to meet Jake after he left her daughter heartbroken.

It has also been confirmed that Love Island's explosive reunion show will be returning – for the first time in two years.

We can't wait to see what drama ensues!

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  • Stephanie Soteriou

    Dani Dyer's tears over 'cheating' Jack

    Love Island bosses found themselves on the receiving end of some serious rage from the Dani Dyer fan club in 2018.

    Producers thought it would be a great wheeze to show her a clip of boyfriend Jack Fincham looking like his head has been turned by an ex.

    Of course, nothing of the sort was going on and as Dani broke down in floods of tears.

    Meanwhile, around 6,000 complained to Ofcom that this kind of behaviour was very much not their type on paper – making it Love Island most-complained about moment before 2021.

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    This year's Love Island is officially the most complained about series EVER thanks to hurricane Faye, with the most Ofcom complaints any one moment triggered before this a measly 6,000.

    Let's take a look back at the arguably tamer triggers of years gone by…

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    Ex Islander Aaron has taken to his Instagram Story to deny "hating" Faye – but did admit he isn't happy with the way she treated boyfriend Teddy.

    As if you need a reminder, but she sparked over 25,000 official Ofcom complaints when she exploded at the hunk – horrifying fans by berating, mocking, and screaming at him.

    In a shock twist of events, Teddy took Faye back just days later – leaving many viewers with their heads in their hands in despair.

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    In case you missed it, here's another pic of teen Justin Bieber fanatic Millie, aged 14.

    Don't say that we don't know how to treat you!

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    Good morning, happy Sunday! If you woke up today thinking: 'This would be the perfect day to have a Love Island iced coffee' then you are in luck – with dumped Islander Hugo sharing a detailed how-to on his TikTok.

    The famous drink has a surprise secret ingredient that sets it apart from all the run-of-the-mill iced coffees out there.

    Click here for the full recipe – but unfortunately, we can't guarantee it'll be served in a flamingo glass and served by a hunky Islander.

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    Last night marked the final Unseen Bits episode of the year, but boy did it go out with a bang.

    Viewers were left in hysterics when clumsy Chloe ran face-first into a tree while racing to scoff pancakes.

    We've all been there, right?

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    Love Island fans shared their shock this week when they realised the real ages of this year's contestants.

    The 2021 series kicked off back in June, and it has been so long since many of the faces made their debut that viewers have forgotten some of the finer details.

    Hot-tempered Faye is 26 years old, as are Kaz, and Tyler – while Chloe is 25, and Jake and Millie 24.

    Taking to social media, fans have claimed that they are stunned to learn so many of this year's stars are in their mid to late 20s, insisting that they don't act their age.

    On the other end of the spectrum, Liberty is only 21, and Liam are turned 22 last week – joining Toby and Mary 22.

    Viewers previously sharing their shock at how much older than their years some look – particularly Liam.

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    Dom told us: "I think next year will be the crucial year. I think our year was the year it blew up but since then every year since has gone down a little bit.

    "I would love to see it continue but all good shows come to an end like Big Brother. This year could be the straw that broke the camel's back or they could nail it and think they f**ked it up last year so we better make it incredible."

    And the 30-year-old star knows what he's talking about; he married fellow contestant Jess Shears after meeting on the third series.

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    Earlier this week, ex Islander Dom Lever shared his fears for Love Island's future in an exclusive chat with The Sun.

    He admitted that this year's series had been an "anti climax" – and if next year's isn't any better he could see it being axed.


  • Stephanie Soteriou


    Erm… Just in case your memory is just as bad as Liam's, let us remind you…

    Liam was the most unfaithful boy during the show's iconic Casa Amor twist, immediately jumping into bed with blonde bombshell Lillie.

    They went on to snog outside of a challenge, and were even spotted spooning – while Millie remained completely loyal in the main villa.

    She was thrilled when he returned single, but there was soon heartache when bombshell Lillie entered and admitted she was shocked he hadn't re-coupled with her after his antics.

    The two women later had a confrontation outside of the villa, where Lillie dropped an x-rated bombshell about Liam's bedroom behaviour, but Millie was soon back in his arms – leaving fans disappointed.

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    Elsewhere, Liam was savaged by furious Love Island fans during his final date with Millie when he made a bizarre comment.

    Reflecting on their Love Island journey, he swooned: "I can't remember a time where it wasn't you and me", leaving Millie blushing.

    But viewers at home were less taken by his words, recalling a recent time where Millie was the furthest thing from his mind on the show.

    Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "'I can't remember a time when we weren't you and me' hmmm Liam are you SURE????"

    Another seethed: "Liam can't remember a time when it wasn't him and Millie??! Does this man have memory loss? It was only over two weeks ago you had your tongue down Lillie's throat."

    A third fumed: "Oh that’s funny Liam, because I can remember a time where it wasn’t you and her… A few weeks ago on your lads holiday."

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    Liberty and Jake first got together on launch day, with their entire seven-week romance unfolding before our eyes on the show.

    They first began to wobble on Movie Night, when the girls were shown clips of Jake encouraging the other boys to cheat in Casa Amor.

    She was also left hurt when another scene showed him admitting that he didn't want to "rip her clothes off", suggesting that he didn't fancy her.

    Liberty's suspicions were further raised when her boyfriend landed at the bottom of a public vote, and she accused him of playing up to the cameras when he stopped her from going to congratulate her best pal Kaz after she went official with Tyler.

    She confronted him on this last week, with Jake using that opportunity to tell Liberty that he loves her – but when the giddy beauty gleefully shared the news with the girls they weren't impressed, and warned her that he could just be saying what she wants to hear.

    Their fellow Islanders then voted Jake and Liberty one of the least compatible couples on the show, and the pair narrowly missed getting dumped from the villa.

    Their decision to quit the show threw Love Island into chaos, with producers forced to axe their last planned dumping as this year's finalists are confirmed.

    Millie and Liam, Kaz and Tyler, Chloe and Toby, and Faye and Teddy are now on the home-stretch to secure the crown, and £50,000 prize pot.

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    Jake may have quit the villa a single man on Friday's show, but he has teased "never say never" when quizzed on his Liberty romance.

    The water engineer has also hit back at claims he is a "game player", insisting that he just "told the truth".

    We reckon the jury is still out on this one.

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    One Islander who doesn't have to worry about his partner's parents is Liam, with The Sun exclusively revealing that Millie's mum has given the Welsh hunk her seal of approval.

    Despite his antics in Casa Amor, she believes his feelings for her daughter are genuine – and has even invited him to move in with her in Essex rent-free to stay close to Millie!

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    WELL, today is the day that we have all been waiting for – the Islanders family will be entering the villa in TONIGHT'S episode and we can't bloomin' wait.

    Chloe and Toby, Faye and Teddy, Millie and Liam, and Kaz and Tyler will no doubt be thrilled to see their loved ones faces, but will the fam be equally thrilled about their new romances?

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    Ex Islander Molly-Mae Hague sensationally admitted in a recent vlog that she has purposefully "worked hard" to distance herself from Love Island – despite it being the show that catapulted her to fame.

    The influencer is one of the most successful ex-Islanders in Love Island history, but she hopes to steer clear of being associated with the TV show.

    Molly finished the 2019 series in second place with boyfriend Tommy Fury, who she is still loved up with to this day.

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    Liberty and Jake gave us the most explosive final week in Love Island history by sensationally splitting up and quitting the show just days before the final.

    But did you spot the secret 'clue' that the pair were destined for heartbreak?

    Fans believe whoever gets the yacht date during final week ends up being "cursed", with the boat trip spelling the beginning of the end.

    Other couples who also broke up soon after going on the yacht date were Oliva Attwood and Chris Hughes (2017) Wes Nelson and Megan Barton-Hanson (2018) Amber Gill and Greg O'Shea.

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    Meanwhile, we exclusively caught up with Teddy's ex, and she had some less-than-kind words to say about the fan favourite.

    Flora Waterhouse, who dated the financial consultant for a year, believes he is faking his interest in Faye, as he’d once told her he hated “plastic” looking girls.

    And she said his calm response to Faye’s fiery bust-ups on screen will be secretly killing him, as he can’t stand to be out of control."

    She added: "He doesn’t have any b***s or a backbone. You can see it in the way he just sits behind Faye as she kicks off at others."


    Read her full explosive interview here

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    While Millie might have Bieber on her side, Love Island fans are less loyal – with some cynics claiming that she and beau Liam won't last on the outside.

    They are favourites to win on Monday night's final, but viewers at home reckon their relationship is based purely on sex, and doesn't stand a chance in the real world.

    A love story where one half is from Essex and the other from Wales? Millie and Liam certainly wouldn't be the first to make it work…

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    Speaking of iconic Unseen Bits moments, one of the highlights was undoubtedly Millie spilling the beans on her secret Justin Bieber fanpage – which has finally been unearthed.

    The beauty was bursting with pride as she told her co-stars that Justin followed the account she'd run on Twitter at the age of 13, and it's safe to say she looked unrecognisable as a fresh-faced Belieber.

    Click here to read more about Millie's fanpage – and see more adorable throwbacks!

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    Well, that's it, Unseen Bits is officially over for another year – we will miss our weekly instalment of inane chatter, Islanders falling over, and bombshell revelations.

    Until 2022, Unseen Bits, until 2022

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    Anyone else getting a bit emotional at these Love Island best bits? What a walk down memory lane this is!

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    Just us, or was Jake's romantic love-in with Toby just then 10x more affectionate than he's been with Liberty ALL series?

    No wonder she felt unloved, poor thing <3

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    Sorry, we're probably going to be laughing over Chloe running face-first into a TREE for the rest of the time.

    All in the name of some pancakes… To be honest, we probably would have done the same!

  • Stephanie Soteriou


    The last Unseen Bits of 2021! Welp, we're going to miss having this to keep us entertained on Saturday nights!

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