'Love Is Blind': Do the Couples Pick Their Wedding Venues?

'Love Is Blind': Do the Couples Pick Their Wedding Venues?

March 13, 2022

The TV show Love is Blind has drawn in viewers with its quick dating and engagement premise. The series aims to be an experiment to see if people fall in love without seeing one another. Over several weeks, the contestants go from pods to the altar.

Fans are curious about how some processes work on the Netflix dating show. Some of them want to know who gets to decide on the details of the wedding. For example, do couples have the freedom to pick a venue?

Couples finally see each other after a proposal

Love is Blind is a dating reality series that began in 2020. There are two seasons out so far, and a third one is on the way. The premise is about 15 men and 15 women trying to find love. They generally come from the same area, and the participants have 10 days to date.

However, no one sees what the other looks like when the couples have their dates. They only meet face to face when someone agrees to a marriage proposal. A pair then heads to a resort and has the opportunity to become more familiar with each other.

Later, a couple moves in together and gets to know the partner’s family members. After about four weeks, a wedding takes place. The participants decide if they want to marry their partner at the altar. Viewers eagerly await to see if they say “I do” or not.

By the time the episodes air, the stars are already continuing their lives. The studio does not have a mandate that bans participants from sharing clues on social media. Additionally, they can go on dating apps after they finish filming.

Who chooses the wedding location in ‘Love is Blind’?

Weddings are expensive since people have to pay for food, decorations, gowns, a cake, and more. Engaged couples take plenty of time to plan each detail to make the occasion memorable. The lovebirds in Love is Blind split the cost, but production provides the basics.

However, the participants do not choose every aspect of their wedding. According to Insider, couples do not get to pick the venue. Instead, the company selects the spot based on the size of the location. The crew and equipment need to fit, and COVID-19 restrictions also reduced the size of the weddings.

“They have to pick 12-15 guests that they want,” the show’s representative explained. “And they give them a heads up because, obviously if they’re engaged, most of these folks do at least walk down the aisle. Whether they say yes or no, we all find out together, but they want their friends and family there. So they have their guest list they provide to us.”

Couples get to plan other parts of the ceremony

The stars do have some control over how their wedding will turn out. During the few weeks of planning, couples inform the producers of what color scheme they want. Of course, the men and women can pick their tuxes and dresses. The gown a bride wears is unique to her.

The contestants also become involved in cake testing. They get to choose the flavor and style, and the menu caters to what a couple likes. Even if the pair decides not to marry, they can stay to enjoy the food. 

Additionally, a wedding can align more with a participant’s heritage. Producers consider any cultural or traditional requests a person may have. For example, Jarrett and Iyanna got to jump over a broom during their ceremony. 

Season 2 recently ended, but the third one finished filming alongside the second season. Fans do not have to wait long for more weddings.

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