Lorraine Kelly tears into Brooklyn Beckham’s ‘joyless’ wedding

Lorraine Kelly tears into Brooklyn Beckham’s ‘joyless’ wedding

February 21, 2023

Lorraine Kelly slams Brooklyn Beckham's 'joyless' wedding

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David Beckham’s son and a billionaire’s daughter graced the pages of Vogue magazine so readers could get a glimpse of their lavish wedding which was held in the latter’s father’s £76million family mansion in Florida. However, the drama behind the three-day spectacle has been laid bare in a 188-page lawsuit. Lorraine Kelly ripped into Brooklyn and Nicola’s wedding as she discussed the legal battle on Tuesday’s instalment of her ITV talk show. 

The wedding was allegedly so chaotic Nicola’s businessman father Nelson Peltz branded it a “s**t show”, entertainment editor Lucie Cave told Lorraine viewers. 

Wedding planners Arianna Grijalba and Nicole Braghin were reportedly left “devastated” earlier this month when Nelson launched a lawsuit in Florida demanding his £132,000 deposit back.

The billionaire claims the organisers were sacked just weeks ahead of the wedding because of alleged “mistakes”. 

Lucie shared messages between Brooklyn and his wife to ITV viewers about their wedding planning. 

“Poor Brooklyn, he comes under fire again for the food,” Lucie explained. 

“So the food at the wedding which was served was sort of burgers.

“He came up with an idea to have a burger named after him which is a double or single burger.

“Then a Nicola burger which has no bun and is lettuce instead of the bun for girls as girls obviously want the low-calorie option. 

“She replied saying, ‘No, these names are embarrassing.'” 

Lorraine laughed as Lucie added: “It is absolutely brilliant to pore all over and you have to feel for Victoria Beckham as well because she might just be hiding.” 

Lorraine was stunned by Lucie’s insight on Brooklyn’s big day and did not hold back with her opinions. 

The Scottish broadcaster said: “Can I just say that sounds like the most utterly joyless wedding, devoid of fun and happiness and all of that. 

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“And how silly that it ended up in a courtroom – whoever wants their private stuff to be there?”

“It’s their own blinking fault,” Lorraine added. “It’s just crazy.” 

The broadcaster was eager to know what Americans thought about the debacle and turned her attention to US entertainment reporter Ross King. 

However, Ross explained: “There has not been that much reaction out here at all as they are not really big news out here. 

“What does seem incredibly strange is that it was not just sorted and dad just paid the money and let it go away.” 

More than 500 guests attended Brooklyn and Nicola’s wedding, including Eva Longoria, Spice Girls Mel B and Mel C and Gordon Ramsay.  

Wedding planners Nicole and Arianna have filed a counterclaim for breach of contract and are asking for £41,000 in damages as well as costs.

Lorraine airs on weekdays from 9am on ITV and ITVX. 

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