Loose Women’s Stacey Solomon reveals she’s a ‘soap dodger’ in shower confession

Loose Women’s Stacey Solomon reveals she’s a ‘soap dodger’ in shower confession

May 22, 2019

On today’s Loose Women, host Ruth Langsford asked her co-stars if they showered every day or if they were “soap dodgers” – and the answer was surprising.

Both Stacey Solomon and Saira Khan confessed it’s not on their daily to-do lists, with Saira going as far as saying she showers just once or twice-a-week.

Stacey confessed: “I’ve always thought, as long as you wash your important bits it’s OK.

“I don’t have time for a 15-minute shower, and I don’t think it’s good for your hair and skin.”

“I don’t have time for a 15-minute shower”

Stacey Solomon

Meanwhile, Saira said: “I can tell you, the water in this country is good quality but if you live in an area of hard water, it strips your skin.”

Ruth read out a statement from the British Dermatological Association, which said the benefits of showering evert day outweighed those of not.

But Saira went on: “I’ve been in and out of dermatologists all my life. It was only with self care I’ve sorted myself out, by showering once or twice a week.”

Janet Street-Porter joked she hoped she never ended up next to one of them on public transport.

And Ruth wasn’t having the excuse that Stacey and Saira didn’t have time to shower every day.

She said: “I shower every morning. By the time you’ve had a strip wash, you may as well jump in the shower.”

Saira said she didn’t see the point because “most of our body is covered” by clothes, but Ruth had another comeback.

She held up a glass beaker full of liquid that was supposed to represent the amount of sweat we secrete each day.

Maybe that will be enough to persuade Stacey and Saira to hop into the shower each morning?

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