Life On Mars star Dean Andrews initially rejected by Emmerdale before Will role

Life On Mars star Dean Andrews initially rejected by Emmerdale before Will role

July 29, 2020

Dean Andrews revealed he was initially rejected by Emmerdale when he was starting out his acting career.

The star – who also appeared on Life On Mars – has been delighting viewers in his role as Will Taylor for more than a year, but he attempted to break into the ITV soap years ago.

However, during a stint on This Morning, he told Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes his first audition didn’t go quite to plan.

‘I started acting really late in life, probably around about 40,’ the 56-year-old began.

‘But when I was in my mid-late 30s a friend of mine, who was in Emmerdale, said I should write to the casting director and ask her to bring me in for an audition. Which I did and she did, the lovely Sue Jackson. 

‘I went in to play a Yorkshire radio presenter. I went in and did it in an American accent, for some unknown reason.’

‘The director was really kind, he said, “That was lovely, any chance you could do it in a Yorkshire accent?” 

‘I said, “Of course, I am Mr Yorkshire,” and proceeded to do it again in the same American accent, and didn’t get the job.’

Yeah, that’s not ideal…

Thankfully Dean didn’t let this get him down, and popped up in the Dales last year – with no American accent or radio DJ in sight.

He hasn’t had the best time of it on the show, with Will going up against vile DI Malone.

The character recently snapped and decked the officer over the head with a wrench, but was left fearing for his own life when his nemesis survived the attack and disappeared.

How far will Malone go to extract revenge? 

We’ll have to wait and see…

This Morning continues on weekdays, at 10am, on ITV.

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