Lauren Goodger posts sultry selfie and sends defiant message to fans who don’t agree with her relationship with jailbird boyfriend Joey Morrison

Lauren Goodger posts sultry selfie and sends defiant message to fans who don’t agree with her relationship with jailbird boyfriend Joey Morrison

January 27, 2022

LAUREN Goodger has hit back at fans who she claims ‘will never understand’ her relationship with her jailbird boyfriend Joey Morrison.

The former Towie star has come under fire for her relationship with the lag who was jailed for a string of violent drug related charges.

Posting a picture of herself in her car after visiting Joey at HMP Highpoint South, Lauren wrote: “Spent time with @m_joey1 today…

“People will never understand as everyone who judges are in perfect happy relationships aren't they…”

Showing off her newly highlighted locks, Lauren pouted into the camera as she sent the defiant message.

Lauren, 30, opened up about her relationship with Joey – who she met through mutual friends – on the Channel 5 show In Therapy.

She even spoke about starting a family with Joey, saying: “I think he will a good dad [but] people are saying wait until he’s out.

“I want to get married and have children. I want a beautiful household with lots of love and affection.

“I want to have quite a few children, four [or] as many as I can.”

One of Lauren’s friends, Jodie, appeared alongside her on the show and revealed Lauren and Joey have been trying for a baby while Joey is on day release.

Jodie said on the show: “She wants to have a baby while he comes out on day release so she’ll be doing the pregnancy all by herself.

“I don’t think she sees it like he’s in prison, I think she sees it like he’s coming out soon.”

Another pal, Lisa, added: “She is so desperate to start a family and she loves him so much she doesn’t care how it happens as long as it happens.”

Despite his criminal record, Lauren believes Joey – who’s been locked up for seven years – has learnt his lesson and admits she fell for him after chatting with him on the phone.

She said: “I spoke to him on the phone. He’d rung [my friend’s] house phone and I chatted to him for a bit [from prison].”

On Monday it was revealed that Lauren had even starred in one of her future brother-in-law’s rap video – a song that celebrates the crimes that saw her boyfriend locked up for 16 years.

In the video for Morrisson's comeback single Crowbar In My Bag, a framed picture of Lauren can be seen in the background on the left hand side of the shot during the opening scenes.

Eagle-eyed fans also noticed that some of the Towie star's glitzy possessions feature in the clip, revealing that parts of the video – starring Joey's rapper brother Stephen – were filmed in her luxury Essex home.

Slightly above Morrisson's head, the bottom part of a canvas can be seen, with the words "family the ones we live with, laugh with and love" visible.

This is part of a canvas that Lauren was given for free in January 2015 that lists all of her achievements, from Towie to Celebrity Big Brother to Dancing On Ice to her tanning range.

At the time she wrote that she had the "beautiful canvas… in my home."

Other clues as to the location in Morrisson's video – which has already clocked up over 700,000 views, can also be found in the background.

An eye-catching lamp made from silver and glass can be seen behind a bottle of Ciroc vodka.

The same lamp featured in one of Lauren's Instagram posts about Spanish house cleaning products.

In the background of this particular post is a glimpse of a silver photo frame with a jewelled border.

While it's hard to make out what the picture is of, when Lauren appeared on In Therapy last month, there was a better look at the blinged up frame – and it's of her and Joey.

The frame appears to feature some sort of home made homage of her and the 30-year-old career criminal – although his image was blurred out by Channel 5.

Last month The Sun revealed that Lauren “loved” her future brother-in-law’s track, which sees him recall the robbery on a Vietnamese cannabis farm that left one man dead.

Morrisson was arrested for a crime which saw several men break in through a roof and steal 6,000 cannabis plants, worth £2m, from a warehouse in South Woodham Ferrers in December 2010.

Police also found the body of Tran Duy Hai, 38, a Vietnamese farmer who had fallen from a skylight.

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His brother, Lauren’s boyfriend, is still in prison for possession of a firearm, kidnap and blackmail.

A source said: “At the beginning of this year, he launched his music career by releasing a shocking track where he talks about attacking people with a crowbar in front of children.

“Lauren has told Stephen she loves the track and has shown her full support for him publicly on Instagram.

“It’s no wonder her family and friends are worried about her choice in men and are hoping it's a short running thing with Joey.

“Lauren’s obsessed with Joey and his brother and family more than ever and is spending more and more time with them."

Reps for Lauren Goodger have been approached for comment.

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