Kylie Jenner mocked for 'GROSS' sandwiches she made for baby daddy Travis Scott & beg her to bring back her private chef | The Sun

Kylie Jenner mocked for 'GROSS' sandwiches she made for baby daddy Travis Scott & beg her to bring back her private chef | The Sun

July 6, 2022

KYLIE Jenner has been mocked for the "gross" sandwiches she made for her baby daddy, Travis Scott.

Fans are begging her to bring back her personal chef to make the family's food after she showed off the weird ingredients on Instagram.

Kylie took pictures and videos of all of the ingredients she used to make Travis a sandwich.

Her stories started out with the ingredients laid out on the counter with the caption, "bae I want a sandwich."

There were Amoroso rolls, condiments, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and more.

In the next few stories, Kylie showed that she layered pickles, onions, pepperoni, meat, and cheese on a roll together.


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She tagged Travis in that story and then proceeded to show hers, which included pepperoni, mayonnaise, pickles, cheese, onions, and more.

In a later story, the 24-year-old showcased her sandwich, with a Coke, and said, "This is so beautiful."

The reality TV star then filmed herself eating as Travis and her daughter, Stormi, played in the background.

Kardashian fans noticed how gross her concoction was, and ran to Reddit to tear it apart.

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A Reddit user posted her Instagram stories to the platform and fans criticized her sandwich choices.

"I think it’s interesting how all of the ingredients are brand new…like did she not already have any of these condiments at home? Lol," said one fan.

"Why so many different brands of buns? Why so many packages? Is she feeding a crew?" asked another.

Other fans simply said the combination of ingredients just looks "so gross."

Some fans suggested that she should stop eating "peasant food" and bring back her personal chef.

"Why does she have so much excitement over making a sandwich? Lots of pics and videos for what?" someone asked.

One fan replied to them, "Give her a break. It's her first time eating peasant food."

"With all of that money, why doesn't she just keep her personal chef?" asked one Reddit user.


Last month, Kylie's personal chef, Chef K, posted a Tiktok video of what she makes the Hulu star in a day.

Although the reality TV star likes to show off her cooking skills, being a billionaire has its perks, including having someone cook for her.

Chef K was revealed to be Kylie's personal chef after posting a video online.

She captioned the video, "What I cook for Kylie Jenner," while whipping up some food.

Chef K's Tiktok bio reads, "LA's favorite private celebrity chef."

"I'm making her her favorite salad. A hoagie salad," the chef said, as food sizzled in a pot.

"I'm making her like just a chicken bowl with veggies, Chinese chicken salad," she went on to say.

She also said she makes cookies, banana bread, and "whatever she wants."

Kardashian fans ran to the comments after seeing that she had a personal chef and what she makes her.

"I wanna be rich just so I can hire a full-time chef, like nonstop food like this is an absolute dream of mine," wrote one Tiktok user.

"'Whatever else she wants,' Man must be nice to have endless money," critiqued another.

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Kylie has documented herself cooking a pizza with Stormi in the past, so she does cook for herself on occasion.

Last month, Travis posted, then deleted an unedited photo of her cooking in the kitchen and boasted about her cooking skills.

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