Kim Kardashian slammed as ‘garish and gross’ for ‘personalizing a cause’ in scathing new review of justice reform show – The Sun

Kim Kardashian slammed as ‘garish and gross’ for ‘personalizing a cause’ in scathing new review of justice reform show – The Sun

April 3, 2020

KIM Kardashian's new justice reform show has been slammed as "garish and gross" ahead of its premiere on Sunday.

The reality star's latest TV venture, Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project, follows her efforts to "secure freedom for Americans who she believes have been wronged by the justice system."

The show is set to air April 5 on Oxygen.

And while most KUWTK fans eagerly wait in anticipation for the upcoming premiere, Variety have since criticized the project in a scathing review online.

They wrote: "Kardashian West’s intentions may matter less than her results, which — in the life of Alice Johnson, at least — have been real.

"But there’s something garish and gross about a star personalizing an important cause by asking vulnerable people to open a vein on-camera and then never bothering to get back to the cause itself.

"The idea of decarceration, here, is an opportunity to listen, and to be shown listening. Kardashian West has every right to make money through various endeavors while keeping her volunteer work going in the backbeat of her life, but there’s something grim and too obvious by half about shots of her calling Alice Johnson, to tell her that Trump has granted clemency, in full glam on the set of a photoshoot."

They later hit out at the star for not edging "any closer" to achieving justice – despite undergoing a four-year internship at a law firm to prepare for her bar exams.

Kim, 39, revealed she was working on the series back in January.

She told followers on Twitter: “I know a lot of you guys saw me going to the White House this year and getting involved with Alice Johnson’s case.

“Well, the truth is, I’ve actually been getting involved in even more cases and we’ve been filming a documentary over the last few months.

“I can’t wait to share these stories with you."

The Skims founder was an instrumental part of the team that worked to free former inmate Alice Johnson from her life sentence she received for a 1993 first-time, nonviolent drug offense.

She previously took her issue with the case and others like it to the White House in May 2018 and met with President Donald Trump.

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