Kim Kardashian Knows Which Sister Would Sue Her, Answers Jimmy Kimmel's 'Stupid Questions'

Kim Kardashian Knows Which Sister Would Sue Her, Answers Jimmy Kimmel's 'Stupid Questions'

December 4, 2018

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star can’t help but boast about her selfie game and makes no sense at all when talking about telemarketers.

Kim Kardashian took some time out of her busy schedule to drop by Jimmy Kimmel’s bar and try to answer some of his "Stupid Questions."

She was super confident of her answer on two of them, but meandered so much on the last one we’re not even sure what she was trying to say. That said, she was super confident there as well, so give it up to Kim K. Even when she’s making no sense at all, she’s doing it with confidence!

One thing she knew without a moment’s hesitation was which sister would sue her. "Kourtney," she said quickly. "She’s the most ruthless."

When Kimmel asked if she’d ever threatened it, Kim said that she maybe had as a joke. But then she revealed when that might have happened, making us think that it totally did happen.

"When I used her character in a video game but I paid her," Kim said. "She wanted more."

When Kimmel asked her to wax philosophical about selfies for a moment, Kim had to bring it back to reality. "If a selfie gets posted and no one likes it, was it ever a selfie at all?" he asked.

While she was willing to consider the depth of the question, she also had to point out, "I mean, that’s never happened to me, so I have no real connection to that." Thanks, Kim. We think you’re great, too. Just like you do.

She really lost us, though, when she tried to answer if she talks to telemarketers. See if you can follow this train of logic.

When did you last speak to a telemarketer?

"All the time."

So you take calls from unknown numbers?

"No, I block them."

Wait … you block unknown numbers? You take the call and then block the number? You don’t take the call but you do talk to them all the time? Help us out here, Kim.

But she didn’t. Instead, she revealed that she thinks Kanye West used to be a telemarketer. "So I try to be nice," she said.

By blocking them?

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