Kelsey Parker details camping disaster hours before Loose Women debut

Kelsey Parker details camping disaster hours before Loose Women debut

August 25, 2023

Loose Women: Kelsey Parker reveals camping trip mishap

Kelsey Parker joined Loose Women panellists Kaye Adams, Sunetra Sarker and Jane Moore where she revealed an awkward mishap she had just hours before the show.

Kelsey was announced as their guest panellist for the day, as Kaye exclaimed: “Kelsey how you managed so blooming glamourous when you have just come off of a camping site, is that right?

Laughing at the moment, Kelsey admitted: “Yeah I have just come from camping and I am going back after.

“[Was there] This morning and my tent is full of water right now so hopefully my mum is sorting it out for me.

“Yes, it is full of water so mum please sort my clothes out!”

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Curious as to where she was staying, Jane asked: “Are you in one of those little two-man jobbies or are you in a glamping?”

Kelsey explained: “No I am in a tent! I’ve got a blow-up bed and I’m with the kids. This is our holiday, but the kids love it.”

Kelsey has been a long-term friend of the show ever since Tom was first diagnosed and later when he died.

She joined the Loose ladies six months after his death and said: “Evenings are so tough. The kids go to bed and it’s just me and that’s the time you speak to your partner.

“You gossip, you talk, and I don’t have that any more. For me, I live each day. ‘How do I feel today? This is what I’m going to do today.’

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“I have a village of people – I’m so lucky that they’re there for me… I couldn’t do it without them.”

Kelsey recently joined Vicky Pattison on her podcast The Secret Podcast, where she admitted that her daughter Aurelia is comfortable when talking about her father’s death.

She admitted: “The one bit of advice I can give is just be honest. I just think that’s everything that you talk to your children about. I think honesty is the best policy.

“I just was really matter of fact and I said, ‘Your dad has died. He’s not coming back. And he’s now going to be with the angels and we’ve just got to get on with life’.

“She [Aurelia] likes to tell people, which I’m fine with. You tell everyone. She does it like a bit of a mic drop, like, ‘My dad’s dead.’ And everyone’s like…”

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12:30pm on ITV.

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