Kelly Brook bounces on a trampoline as she sweats through tough workout in a crop top and leggings

Kelly Brook bounces on a trampoline as she sweats through tough workout in a crop top and leggings

January 13, 2021

KELLY Brook showcased her curves in a crop top and leggings today as she worked up a sweat on a trampoline.

The broadcaster, 41, took to her Instagram story as she promoted her chic F&F gymwear and shared how she's keeping motivated in lockdown.

Posing on her mini-trampoline, the TV star peered over her shoulder as she modelled the matching two-piece in her bedroom.

The Heart presenter styled her hair in a soft wave and sported a glowing beauty look for the shots.

Writing alongside her post, Kelly penned: "Bedroom Work out 👀😬 Not going to lie it’s January and I woke up not at all motivated this morning.

"Looked outside and it was raining and Grey!!! We Can’t get to a Gym or class at the moment so I decided to get out some equipment set up a little circuit in my Bedroom close to the Garden and make myself feel better!!!

"Thanks @fandfclothing for sending over this new Workout Gear!! It really helped lift my Sprits and made me want to get active :))

"thanks @jeremyparisi for taking some pics of me to share!! #Wecandothis #Feelbetterforit ps Yes that’s a Pizza Oven in the background 😟😩🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ #BouncyBoomiesonStories".

She also took to her Instagram story and shared a few boomerangs of her jumping on her sport's equipment while giving a glimpse of her master bedroom.

In November, Kelly revealed she's eating just one calorie controlled meal a day to fit back in her skinny jeans after gaining weight in lockdown.

The model has replaced breakfast and lunch with SlimFast shakes to slim down to a size 12 after creeping up to a size 14 over the summer.

"I’ll have a shake in the morning; sometimes I’ll add something to it like berries, honey, flax seeds," she exclusively tells The Sun.

"Then I’ll have a shake for lunch and in the evening I have this incredible book from Slim Fast called Food Not FOMO, it has loads of recipes in there and it’s all calorie controlled recipes.

"When I’m doing the radio I can get a bit hungry, so I always take my snack bars or pretzels and I always find that keeps me on track.

"When you get to work there is always snacks hanging around but you need to be really disciplined."

Kelly put on weight after she turned her house into her favourite romantic restaurants during lockdown to keep herself busy.

She splashed out on a pizza oven, panini maker and a frothy coffee machine to serve up romantic meals for herself and boyfriend Jeremy Parisi, 34.

But the Heart radio host soon found the pounds creeping on as she gorged on her tasty creations and saw herself balloon to a size 14.

When Kelly was finally allowed back to work at Heart Radio in June she was determined to get back in her size 12 jeans.

Kelly said she’s now happy at a size 12 and isn’t going to give herself “unrealistic goals” with Christmas around the corner but will “really go for it again” and get down to a size 10 in January.

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