Katie Price fights back tears and says she hopes son Harvey dies before her because he ‘won’t cope' without her

Katie Price fights back tears and says she hopes son Harvey dies before her because he ‘won’t cope' without her

January 19, 2021

KATIE Price fought back tears today as she said she hopes her disabled son Harvey dies before her because he wouldn't cope without her.

The 42-year-old star opened up about her pain during an emotional appearance on TV show Steph's Packed Lunch today.

She said: "Sometimes I wish that he would go before me because he wouldn't be able to cope if I wasn't there.

"I know that's harsh to say but I know a lot of people in my situation would feel the same.

"Obviously I don't want him to go but he so relies on me in every way and our communication. If I'd gone he wouldn't understand where I'd gone."

Harvey was born with the rare disorder septo-optic dysplasia, which affects brain function, hormones and vision, plus autism.

The pair are appearing together in a new BBC documentary called Katie Price: Harvey And Me on Monday night.

She added on the Channel 4 show: "He’s on medication for his behaviour, medication to keep him alive and obviously he’s registered blind.

"But I love him so much, and what people have to remember is that he doesn’t know any different.

"The main thing for me is his weight, he’s 29 stone, he was in intensive care last year, and at one point I thought I was going to lose him, because of his weight and heart.

"Not everything is doom and gloom, he’s fantastic, brilliant banter, personality, and obviously I’ve done this BBC documentary.

"I think he’s the right age and I want to show other families the next step of him being an adult, trying to find a college for him."

Katie revealed earlier that she worried Harvey would never be able to walk alone down a street because of what might happen to him.

She told New: "What scares me is that if he walked past somebody and said, 'Hello you d**khead'.

"He does that because he thinks it's funny, someone could take that the wrong way in the street.

"He could get punched and he would cower. That breaks my heart. He needs 24-hour care but he can still have an independent life.

"After college he's definitely coming home to me, without a doubt."

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