Katie Price fears Harvey may be 'forcibly injected with drugs' and locked up after meeting mum of sectioned autistic lad

Katie Price fears Harvey may be 'forcibly injected with drugs' and locked up after meeting mum of sectioned autistic lad

January 24, 2021

KATIE Price has opened up on her fears son Harvey after meeting a mum whose autistic son was sectioned.

The reality star says she is worried her disabled son may be "forcibly injected with drugs" following a chat with Isabelle Garnett in her BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me.

During the documentary, which airs tomorrow night, Katie discovers that Harvey could be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

According to The Mirror, the the 42-year-old shares: "This is bad. Hearing some stories on people who have been sectioned is awful.

"I can see they've got similarities to what Harv is like. They were scared."

Katie later goes on to research the case of 15-year-old Matthew Garnett, who spent 15 months under section in a mental health inpatient unit.

She adds: "Imagine Harvey being sectioned, being put in a room. He wouldn't cope. That would finish anyone off, surely."

Keen to learn more about Matthew's story, the mum-of-five meets up with mum Isabelle.

Matthew was sectioned in 2015 after his behaviour deteriorated as a teen.

Opening up on their heartbreaking experience, Isabelle says: "When your child is sectioned it's like you lose all your rights as a parent and they lose all their human rights.

"He was drugged and that's another form of chemical restraint. The guilt I felt that my son was in this place.

"Even though it wasn't my fault and I couldn't control it I just felt such guilt I couldn't protect him."

Isabelle previously appeared on This Morning to discuss their story, leavingHolly Willoughby in tears.

In the eye-opening documentary, Katie also reveals how Harvey self-harms when he feels anxious and worried.

Meanwhile, the star explained this month that Harvey would be moving to a residential college, saying that he had reached "crisis point" looking after him.

The mum of five explained she is trying to get him used to "independent living" before he goes away.

She said: "I've got him his own little house at the minute. It's opposite where we live. It's got all cameras in it.

"There's a carer who's known him for seven years from school. He's got his own kitchen. It's a three-bedroom house, so that's the start of his independent living."

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