Kate Lawler shares adorable new photos of newborn Noa as she thanks NHS staff for 'breastfeeding coaching'

Kate Lawler shares adorable new photos of newborn Noa as she thanks NHS staff for 'breastfeeding coaching'

February 19, 2021

KATE Lawler has shared an adorable photo of her newborn daughter Noa Daisy Isle to celebrate one week since giving birth.

The former Big Brother star shared a collection of snaps of her baby girl, admitting she'd taken so many she needed to "buy more iCloud storage".

Kate, 40, thanked her "wonderful" NHS midwives for looking after her during the complicated labour, which saw Noa placed in an incubator.

She celebrated with fiancé Martin as they looked back over the "seven whole days" they'd now spent with their daughter.

The reality star began her emotional post: "Seven whole days of Noa. I've never taken so many photos of one thing in my life and have had to buy more iCloud storage."

Kate went on to say how she'd "never felt so grateful" after being "taken care of" by the staff at The Whittington Hospital in London.

"Grateful for the wonderful NHS midwives, doctors, nurses and consultants," she added. "[They] took such good care of us, especially Noa.

"Thanks to them, she was only in the ICU from Thursday until Saturday. I was given so much help and coaching on breastfeeding once I was reunited with Noa.

"By Monday evening when we finally left hospital, I felt so much more confident with feeding and that she'd weigh enough that we wouldn't need to return to hospital."

Kate detailed how baby Noa quickly lost weight after being born, and required a feeding tube to top her weight back up to normal.

She told her follows how Noa "is a champ" after re-gaining five pounds needed to be released home with her parents.

She also thanked her fiancé Martin, who the reality star refers to as "Boj", for being "the most wonderful birthing partner".

"He's been my rock this past week when I've never needed anyone more," she concluded, before signing off telling fans to "enjoy" the photos.

The new photo collection comes days after Kate revealed the name of her daughter as Noa Daisy Isle.

TV personality Kate, who gave birth last week, shared a video of her daughter's first few days of life, including coming home.

"Five days ago at 2:01pm on 11.02.2021, our beautiful daughter arrived," the mum-of-one began her emotional post.

"We only got home from hospital earlier this evening. We're hoping tomorrow's visit from the midwife means we're home for good.

"I'll tell you more about her journey so far as soon as I can string a sentence together but for now, we'd love you all to meet our little girl Noa Daisy Ilse."

Kate said the pair picked the name "as soon as they discovered they were having a girl" and have "loved" it ever since.

The star explained that the name "Noa" was introduced to them by a family member who came to visit from Israel.

"It's a popular female name over there and is pronounced just like the name Noah. Her middle name is Daisy, and her other middle name is Ilse, the name of Boj's grandma."

Kate went on to detail how Martin's grandmother passed away "on his 12th birthday" and that their "close relationship" was important.

"Noa will take Boj's last name which he doesn't share online – the only bit of privacy he has left thanks to me," she joked.

"We are so happy to be home and want to thank you for all your messages of love. I'm so sorry if we've not responded but the past five days have been completely unexpected and overwhelming."

Kate and baby Noa have finally been allowed home after they were kept in hospital when the newborn lost weight.

Previously, the tot was rushed to intensive care shortly after her birth 11 days early.

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