Joe Swash reveals struggles with Stacey Solomon and ‘ups and downs’ in lockdown but it’s made them ‘stronger than ever’

Joe Swash reveals struggles with Stacey Solomon and ‘ups and downs’ in lockdown but it’s made them ‘stronger than ever’

October 29, 2020

WITH his cheeky chappy charm and infectious smile, Joe Swash has all the tools to talk himself out of trouble.

His smitten partner Stacey Solomon even says she worries she'll fall pregnant just by looking at him doing the household chores.

But lockdown has been tough for everyone and the 38-year-old admits there's been "ups and downs' as they juggled four kids together.

After his hectic work schedule ground to a halt, Joe says he was given the gift of time to spend with his family – and now he's "stronger than ever" with Stacey.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun as he launches, Joe said: "At the beginning of lockdown, it was a slight learning process about how we are going to do this.

"We had our moments, we had our ups and downs, but we found our groove and we work well as a team.

"We've got kids so we made it work. I think we're definitely stronger on the other side of it thankfully."

Family is everything to Joe, who sadly lost his dad Ricky from an undiagnosed heart condition when he was just 11 years old.

He's now a father to 13-year-old Harry from a previous relationship and shares toddler Rex with Stacey – and her two boys Leighton and Zachary in their happily blended family.

And by this time next year there could be another Solomon-Swash baby on the way as Joe reveals they're going to try for another.

"I think we'll maybe get to a five aside team," laughed Joe.

"We love our family and our kids are so precious to us so if we can have another one, if we're lucky enough to have another one, then I'm sure we'll both be very tempted."

So far both Stacey and Joe have only welcomed boys into their family – so will they keep trying until they end up with a girl?

"No, that's a dangerous statement," insists Joe.

"I think regardless of what the next one will be, will be the last one.

"My family is complete already. If we have anything, it's just adding to perfection.

"Rex is such a little stunner. He's beautiful and he has me in stitches, every day he's coming up with something new. It's so nice, it's brilliant.

"Every family is different and every family has their own dramas going on and they're all dealing with their own issues.

"But as long as at the end of the day, the kids are secure and know they're loved, and they're not stressed out, that's all that matters."

Teased that a girl would help outnumbered Stacey, Joe said: "You'd think that the boys would overrule Stacey, but no. She is a force to be reckoned with.

"She is definitely in charge when it comes to making decisions. We definitely know who's boss in this house."

Stacey's 3.8million Instagram following has meant her relationship with Joe is played out on screen for fans to see.

In fact this week she announced a three-day break from social media as her phone went in for repair and fans had a meltdown.

"It's a little bit strange because we try our hardest to just live really normally," said Joe.

"When we're not on TV we don't really have that lifestyle. We've got our own family and friends that we've had for years. But in the same breath it's really nice people are interested and they seem to really like me and Stace, so it's flattering."

With such a huge social media following and Stacey spilling the tea on Loose Women every week, Joe says the couple had to work out what they were comfortable sharing.

But it appears their sex life wasn't off bounds after Stacey recently revealed seeing Joe put on the dishwasher or tidy away his shoes were the household chores that got her in the mood.

Joe says he "loves Stacey to pieces" – but was fuming when he realised she had an ulterior motive.

He revealed: "She had me at it for about three months thinking that was the reason but I've worked out that she says I'm sexy doing it so she gets out of doing the dishwasher.

"I went out of my way for months doing all the housework and then I realised it was an absolute lie, it was a ploy to get me doing more housework."

Joe admits: "I've said things out of term and Stacey wasn't comfortable with it so that was all trial and error at the beginning with social media.

"We're very conscious it all can't just be bells and whistles. We've got to put the rough and smooth otherwise you give a fake impression of what life's about so I think that's important that it's not too staged. We just put on what we do day to day and keep it real."

Before lockdown, Joe was working seven days a week for months rehearsing for Dancing on Ice, which he went on to win.

But he admits it took his toll and lockdown helped him reconnect with his family.

"I missed out on a lot of time with my little Rex, Harry and the boys when I was doing Dancing On Ice so it was a nice chance to catch up and just spend some quality time with the kids."

It means he'll be home for Christmas with his blended family as he reflects on losing his beloved nanny Fran earlier this year.

Joe beamed: "I get to be with all my family, I'm lucky, I'm really lucky. So yeah I'll be spending time with Harry, I'll be spending time with everybody. It's important to be with my kids at Christmas.

"It's all about the kids really – them opening their presents and then us all spending quality time together.

"Quality time is priceless."

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