Joe Sugg has 'always fancied older girls' but will never admit dating Dianne Buswell – or fling with Perrie

Joe Sugg has 'always fancied older girls' but will never admit dating Dianne Buswell – or fling with Perrie

December 14, 2018

While Joe, 27, has admitted he 'always fancied older girls',  we can reveal he has had a string of secret flings – keeping relationships with Perrie Edwards and stunning vlogger Brittany Eustis top secret.

“Joe has always been fiercely private about his love life – frustrating many of his female fans, but keeping them hopeful that they are in with a chance with him,” a fellow YouTuber tell us. “It’s really worked.

"His image is squeaky clean and the girls love him. It also brings him a lot of attention whenever he’s linked to a girl and his timeline is filled with ‘are they or aren’t they dating?’ questions.

“We YouTubers all live out our lives on this platform, but the image we put out is very carefully honed.

"His is the playful single lad and it’s worked a treat. He’s gained millions of fans and millions in revenue. He’ll address every question except that one about his relationships. He’s not shy, none of us is.

“There are always rumours, but for a guy who documents everything from his family life to what he eats for breakfast, he has never officially claimed any girl.

"He’s not going to suddenly start doing so because he’s on Strictly because at the end of the day he’ll be back to his day job on YouTube full time and it’ll be business as usual.”

Refusing to admit who he's slept with

 Joe’s reluctance to confirm or deny the blossoming relationship with his dance partner has come as nothing new to the army of fans who have followed him since he first became an online star six-years-ago.

Last year Joe – who admitted in a blog in 2015 that he "was always interested in the girls way older than me" – was said to be dating vlogger Brittany Eustis, a rumour he never addressed.

He was then romantically linked to a pretty brunette with the twitter handle @chloerayneee after he teasingly uploaded a video in which he had to tag his girlfriend and he tagged her.

Once fans saw this, they bombarded his timeline with questions about the relationship, but he remained silent and hasn’t been publicly connected to Chloe since.

Boasting about kissing Perrie to his mates

Back in 2016 there were also reports that Joe, who is the brother of social media star, Zoella, was dating pop star Perrie Edwards just months after she was left heartbroken from her split with former One Direction fiancé Zayn Malik.

The Little Mix singer was said to have enjoyed a whirlwind summer romance with Joe after they followed each other on social media.

A source said at the time: “They started private messaging each other and sending flirty messages. They met up and he was thrilled to be spending time with her and couldn't believe his luck as she's absolutely gorgeous and boasted about what a great kisser she is.

But after a promising build-up, things fizzled out pretty quickly…

“The writing was on the wall when she unfollowed him on social media by the end of the summer and didn't invite him to her birthday party.”

Neither has publicly spoken of the romance.

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A Strictly secret kiss with Dianne

Last week Joe and Dianne were on This Morning and when host Phillip Schofield asked them about the relationship rumours.

Joe tried to change the subject, saying: "It’s so nice I have met such a good friend in Dianne, 29. We haven’t got time to think of anything else.”

Phillip then pressed: “Is that a no?”

To which a laughing Joe vaguely replied: “We are so busy dancing…”

The Sun previously revealed that Dianne had split from her boyfriend Anthony Quinlan after being charmed by Joe’s boyish good looks.

It then emerged that the dancer, who has also appeared on Joe’s YouTube channel filming a segment in his bedroom, had apparently kissed Joe prior to her split from Anthony and was later pictured arriving at Joe's London home with an overnight bag.

The couple, who briefly took a break earlier this year, decided to end things after 10 months of dating.

"Everyone on set’s been discussing how close they’ve become. It did not go unnoticed by Anthony," said a source.

The £2million charmer who's 'always fancied older girls'

If Wiltshire-born Joe, is indeed still on the market, he’s certainly the eligible bachelor.

The charmer, who says he's 'always fancied older women', is said to be worth an estimated £2 million, largely thanks to his incredibly popular YouTube channel, ThatcherJoe – an ode to when he worked as a roof thatcher before he started his online channel.

His other projects, include a series of best selling comic books and appearances in movies such as Sponge Bob Square Pants.

“It’s no surprise he’s endeared himself to the British public,” adds our source. “Not only is he a surprisingly good dancer, but he’s very charismatic, self-made and knows how to play that unassuming and humble role. YouTube stars have had a lot of practice projecting our respective online personas.

“He knows keeping the nature of his relationship with Dianne a mystery is intriguing.”

Strictly final to end in smooch

There are whispers that the pair who almost kissed during the show will finally smooch for the cameras on Saturday night.

As they appeared on It Takes Two on Wednesday night, Zoe Ball asked if they were going to kiss during this weekend’s Strictly final.

She said: “You teased us twice on Saturday and it didn’t go unnoticed… Will the dance end in a kiss? Sorry, we’re such children.”

As the crew started chanting “kiss” a giggly Joe – who had dyed his hair red to match Dianne’s after promising he would if he made the final – tried yet again to change the subject saying only: “This is very, very accurate choreography. Stopping it within an inch every time.”

It seems even after the final dance fans will continue to scratch their heads as the show’s never quite over for Joe.

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