Jimmy Kimmel Enlists Tom Brady’s Help In His Feud With Matt Damon

Jimmy Kimmel Enlists Tom Brady’s Help In His Feud With Matt Damon

May 3, 2019

Tom Brady is on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night – the New England Patriots quarterback’s first visit to the ABC late-night show. ABC has been touting it all day, starting with the tease above, which launched on Good Morning America.

“Tonight, the greatest quarterback of all of them, from the New England Patriots, Tom Brady is here,” Kimmel gushed at the top of the show.

“And the excitement around this office…We have a lot of tough guys from Boston who work here. Ever since we announced Tom was coming, you know how excited your kid gets when the piñata finally breaks open? That’s what it has been like here at our office today,” Kimmel told his studio audience.

“It’s been crazy.”

“And if, for some reason, we should lose power tonight, if the lights go off, don’t panic. Just bathe in the glow of Tom’s perfectly white teeth and beautiful blue eyes. He will get us through it.”

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“Also here tonight, all the way from Westeros, two gentlemen who know all: the creators of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss,” Kimmel raved of his big night.

The HBO series has become so popular, Kimmel noted, people are naming their babies after characters on the show.

“Khaleesi,” Kimmel revealed, is now a more common baby name than Brittany.

“Arya,” however, is only the 135th-most popular baby name.

And in one year, there were 20 “Sansas,” 11 “Cerseis,” 55 “Tyrions”, and 23 “Theons” born in the United States.

“23 Theons!” Kimmel marveled. “Twenty three people named their kid after a guy who got his penis cut off.”

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