Jessa Duggar slammed for 'messy' home as she shares photo of son Spurgeon, 6, doing schoolwork with Legos on the floor

Jessa Duggar slammed for 'messy' home as she shares photo of son Spurgeon, 6, doing schoolwork with Legos on the floor

January 28, 2022

JESSA Duggar was slammed for her "messy" home as she posted a photo of her eldest child Spurgeon doing his schoolwork while surrounded with a bunch of Legos.

This is not the first time that the former Counting On star has heard it from trolls as she recently hit back at her critics.

It all kicked off after Jessa shared a pic of 6-year-old Spurgeon doing his schoolwork on a desk that has been situated behind a massive house plant.

Jessa captioned it: "Too cool for school."

Also in the snap, a ton of Legos are on the floor as well as other toys, which is what some people decided to focus in on.

The post was also shared on Reddit where Jessa's home was criticized in the comments section as one person wrote: "That room is a mess."

Another added: "… Everyone knows kids are messy. But JFC tidy up a bit before posting on Instagram. I would be mortified if anyone thought I lived in a pig sty."

While one chimed in: "I will never understand why she doesn’t throw all that detritus and mess into a damn shopping bag and move it out of the shot before posting to hundreds of thousands of followers."

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Aside from Spurgeon, the former reality star also shares son Henry, four, and daughters Ivy, two, and Fern, five months, with her husband, Ben Seewald.


This is not the first time that fans have focused in on Jessa's cleaning habits as in early 2020, she shared a house tour video on YouTube where some noted that the ex TV star didn't tidy up before prior to filming.

The clip – which earned her praise from a few fans for keeping it "real"- featured unmade beds, unflushed toilets, and toys strewn about.

However, Jessa didn't ignore the mess either, as she actually pointed out: "This is our messy house."

She added: "We'll do another house tour when it's cleaned up. First we're gonna do a real life messy house."

The tour began in the kitchen, where there were cardboard boxes on the floor and clothes hanging on kitchen chairs to dry.

Toy cars and books were all over the living room, bed were without sheets, and a toilet was stuffed full of paper one of the star's kids' had put there.

Months later the 29-year-old would share a video about "getting organized."


Jessa hasn't ignored some of the criticism either as she recently clapped back at one troll.

After sharing a video of renovations occurring at their new three bedroom home, one person claimed the residence was a "gift" from her dad, Jim Bob.

Jessa quickly responded: "That is so stupid and an outright lie," which led to fans praising the 19 Kids & Counting alum for defending herself.

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