James Martin mocks co-star Mark Jordan for failing to do simple task: ‘You had one job!’

James Martin mocks co-star Mark Jordan for failing to do simple task: ‘You had one job!’

January 22, 2022

James Martin mocks Mark Jordan for giving him a small motorbike

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On a new episode of Saturday Morning, James Martin travelled to the island of Jersey to visit chef and friend Mark Jordan and also explore their large variety of produce. During the trip, he revealed he had asked Mark to bring along some of his motorbikes as he was a big biker. However, James was left disappointed by the size of the bikes and teased Mark when he arrived to meet him.

Speaking about his adventure to Jersey, James explained: “This week I am saddling up for a two-week tour of Jersey with a local chef and good mate of mine, Mark Jordan.

“The climate here is warm, the land is fertile, and the water is crystal clear, making it a farmers delight, no wonder then it’s teaming with amazing restaurants.

“Mark is a keen biker and has promised to hook me up with some impressive wheels; I can’t wait to see what he has got!”

However, when turning up to meet Mark, James was left disappointed and slammed: “Mate, I literally gave you one thing to do, one thing you had one job!”

Laughing at James’ disappointment, Mark replied: “Well, small bikes for a small island!”

“I thought you were a serious biker, though?” James asked to which Mark replied: “I know, but I thought we would do something different this time.”

Agreeing, James said: “Actually they are good fun, I’m looking forward to this, I have to say, my official tour guide!”

Ready to set off on their journeys, Mark asked: “Shall we hit the road?” to which James eagerly replied: “Absolutely!”

“Let’s do this” Mark exclaimed but ended up dropping his helmet on the floor and nearly falling off his bike.

This left James cackling at his friend before teasing: “That’s a good start, isn’t it!”

As they set off, James wanted to get more of an insight into the island and asked Mark: “What’s it like living in Jersey then?”

Mark beamed: “Absolutely love it! [Been here] 15 years now, and it just feels like the first year I moved here!”

Touching on their accents, James asked: “Do you speak the lingo because they have their own language out here?”

Laughing at the question, Mark replied: “Nah, I’m bad enough, I’m from Birmingham, I didn’t know anything about it I just knew Jersey in Bergerac!”

Whilst in Jersey, James made a squid and jersey royal potato risotto which included squid ink and left people feeling a little uneasy.

Taking to Twitter to discuss the dish, @SandyPeters99 said: “Ew squid ink! I was enjoying the dish until you added that!”

@HannahRush9 said: “I mean, I’m all for fish in a risotto, but really, the ink? I think the colour would put me off!”

@MarkNewlan added: “Why add the ink if it doesn’t taste of anything! If it was salty, then I’d understand, but….”

Serving the dish, James proudly said: “I often find when you serve anything with squid ink people not knowing, they just look like horror on their faces, but it’s not until you taste it, uh! It’s incredible.”

James Martin Saturday Morning airs Saturday’s at 9:30am on ITV.

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