Is There a New 'Last Week Tonight With John Oliver' Airing This Week?

Is There a New 'Last Week Tonight With John Oliver' Airing This Week?

October 31, 2021

The HBO host returned to his studio last week after more than a year spent in his ”Blank Void“


After winning its sixth consecutive Emmy in the Outstanding Variety Talk Series last month, and getting back to his studio instead of his void, John Oliver is back in his groove. But will he be back in his normal formal wear this week?

It is Halloween after all. The late night host could show up wearing anything, impersonating anyone. In years past, Oliver typically hasn’t dressed up for “Last Week Tonight,” he simply has fun with local Halloween news reports from around the country and makes viewers aware of some of the weirdest “sexy” Halloween costumes of the year.

And yes, that included a “sexy John Oliver” costume for women one year, so does he really have to dress up?

In reality, the most important question surrounding John Oliver this Halloween is whether he has a new episode this week. And, the answer is yes, there is a new episode of “Last Week Tonight on Sunday, October 31. Oliver will be in his usual time slot, at 11 p.m. ET.

Last year, Oliver not only looked at some of the wildest costumes worn by local news anchors on air — ranging from hand sanitizer to Carole Baskin — but also examined how public officials handled preparing kids for a COVID Halloween.

For the most part, that just involved reading out trick-or-treating restrictions, and encouraging families to participate in at-home Halloween activities to prevent the spread of the virus.

Of course, some places were more intense than others. In the city of Dubuque, Iowa, the woman providing CDC guidelines went all in on her costume, dressing at a witch to warn children that “If we all don’t do our part, the COVID virus will get get you my pretty, and your little dog too.”

That said, the delivery of the line was a bit flat. You can check out that segment here, and likely prepare for even more local news insanity, highlighted by John Oliver on Sunday.

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